WARCRAFT Movie Trailer (2016)

Official «Warcraft The Beginning» Movie Trailer 2016 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | US-Start: 17 June 2016 | More http://KinoCheck.de
The film portrays the origin story of the initial encounters between the humans and the orcs, with an emphasis upon both the Alliance’s and Horde’s sides of their conflict. Featuring characters such as Durotan and Lothar, the film will take place in a variety of locations established in the video game series.

Note — Warcraft Movie Teaser Trailer courtesy of Universal Pictures International Germany GmbH.


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32 thoughts on “WARCRAFT Movie Trailer (2016)

  1. The trailer didn't do the movie justice. I suspected it to be crap and a cheesy fanservice type of deal, but it was actually very good in terms of telling the story pre-warcraft 2. Wish the weapons/armor and CGI weren't so cheesy, but I guess it goes with the theme of WOW. I hope they make a second movie. This movie was definitely made for the fans and would-be-fans alike.

  2. Brought it on 4k ultra hd and it's gr8 movie watched it 2wice can't wait for part 2

  3. This movie had no plot and made no sense. There is no goal or purpose or any kind of ending. It's just a bunch of CGIs pieced together with incoherent speeches, dull talk, and uninspiring battles. It's so bad. I just watched it cause I played wow since 1998 but this movie is just a complete waste of human intellect. Total trash.

  4. This movie should start from Sargeras lore, explaining how he turned from a titan to a demon lord and how he created the Burning Legion, which plays the major role in warcraft franchise.

  5. One of the greatest movie of all times!!!
    Yet, it received such bad ratings.
    Come on, give me a break,
    or a 2nd one.
    Highly entertaining.

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  7. As much as I love the warcraft universe, this movie really looked like a low budget TV show in some scenes. I don't know if it's the CGI or the studio-like lighting or whatever, but it looked awful in some scenes

  8. "People hate what they dont understand."

    No, really. People dont understand thats why they hate it. But for those who loved it are the ones who truly knows the lore.

    Im still waiting for the next movie.

  9. When will WoW look this good? Better yet, when will WoW finally get playable OGRES?!

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