Was Ashes of Outland a FAILURE? | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

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47 thoughts on “Was Ashes of Outland a FAILURE? | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

  1. I definitely think AoO was a failure. We had to play test their game for them and now that dh is FINALLY in a more balanced state I just don't want to play anymore. Blizzard really has to mix things up wtih SA otherwise everyone is just going to go back to battlegrounds in the first week of release. I definitely won't be preordering, I think it might be too early to say but I have a feeling the meta is going to have really fast games and I'm more of a control player myself. With stuff like glide, secret passage, lightning bloom etc it doesn't sound like fun. Until they give priest card draw they are going to rely on random generation to keep card advantage but it's not looking good. Just give priest some big draw 3 spell or hell a minion that has conditional draw attached.. literally anything. The only priest card that draws cards is mass dispell LOL and people wonder why priest is so random.

  2. I enjoyed this expansion though i hate Demon Hunter. I played it only the first day of the expansion and then never again cuz it was stupidly strong and winning with it was pretty boring. Also the new ranked system makes it much easier to hit legend. I never hit legend before but i hit it 4 months in a row in AoO. And the rewards for ranked is pretty good and also i love the new pack opening system that makes it that you do not open more than 2 of a same card. Overall, this expansion was solid.

  3. The expansion is a failure when you consider the fact that they added a new class which everyone now hates. No one wanted yet another brainless aggro class yet that’s exactly what we got. I think the most telling sign is the fact that all the major streamers are simply gone because streaming doesn’t generate enough money anymore since no one wants to watch this game be played.

  4. Completely agree with DoD/K&C comparison. OP sets ruin the fun of the game for such a long period of time. I feel rastakhan's rumble was seriously underrated for not ruining the meta.

  5. After AoO Im done with Hearthstone its not fun to play. it feel look if you do not have the cash or the gold you are F in Hearthstone.

  6. Shoot you just reminded me that hanar was nerfed. I forgot to dust my golden one and swap for a normal for a 1600 dust profit.

  7. Yeah Blizzard pushed DH too hard. The fact they made day 1-2 nerfs is like a cash grab on what they knew was poor card design. Yeah you get dust back but all the people that spent money still bought a product that was quickly changed and that is poor treatment for consumers.

  8. I appreciate waiting on the card reviews. Those partial reviews are entertaining enough, but often wrong because they don't have the full picture.

  9. I want the next expansion to give some support to pally, it’s fun to play but hard competitively and the cards they have revealed don’t seem good enough to push them back

  10. I think paladin could be a good class if paladin actually gets a wincon. So far it's a mid range deck with maybe liadrin being a wincon. The pure cards are decent, mainly the 4/2 true silver but the 7/7 one is trash.

  11. AoO felt like a slap in the face after having to previously deal with months of unbalanced bullshit from the other recent sets. Blizz doesn't care about HS as a competitive game anymore, it's clearly all about $. DH on launch was one of the most broken things I've ever encountered in a videogame. I unfortunately used most of my gold to buy packs for the last two sets so I actually had to spend money on the preorder for Scholo (the Kel'Thuzad portrait is cool though). I'm already starting to regret that choice with some of these card reveals. I don't even feel like I'm playing a card game anymore, it feels like hitting the slots in Vegas and hoping for the best since the primary "strategy" involved is "draw/play my broken shit before my opponent". rip Control/Combo decks.

  12. Funny enough I think this expansion was a success. No, not because of the cards and decks those were pretty iffy at best. I’m talking about how blizzard actually redesigned priest, implemented the no duplicate rule for packs, and made the daily quests easier to complete while increasing the gold on other quests. I feel like hearthstone’s design outside of the cards is the best it has ever been and if they apply this diligence to the cards and classes I feel like we might enter another golden age of Hearthstone.

  13. Zeddy, I just wanted to finally commend you on all the knowledge, energy and honesty you share with us. It's much appreciated and makes you the most trusted and entertaining Hearthstone content creator imo. Atleast someone has the balls to always tell it like it is. Stay salty our friend 🙂

  14. It was a fail. Im am playing hs only since 1 year now and really enjoyed it. But a.o.o. made me stop playing hs for over 2 months because of a 99% stupid borring aggro metagame.

  15. I feel that Hearthstone has become a game where if you don’t draw the broken cards in your deck then you just lose. Half the time it’s very unintuitive and “random.” Unless every single class gets broken cards, then it’s going to be the same 3 classes on top.

  16. Instead of giving cards a 1-5 Star review you should do a Tier List and then revisit it when the meta settles or when the next expansion is coming and see what cards you were right/wrong about

  17. Just found this channel a week ago, and i m enjoying it so much! Keep up the good work! 👏

  18. Pretty spot on. I wonder what half-baked strategies we will get this expansion for Paladin. I can't wait to tweak my Highlander, Quest, Reborn, Divine Shield, Murloc, Dragon, Pure, Duel Paladin with the new trash!

  19. I mean…i REALLY LOVED the theme, big demons in MAD MAX-ish world, count me in :3…i know I may sound like an edgelord, but I do enjoy this expansion over the one with dragons(and I f*cking LOVE dragons :/)

  20. this expansion was such a failure, they said fu to all other classes, and focused on a new class that ended up being hated by everyone, all the other classes didn't get any new interesting sucessfull archetipes, so disappointing

  21. I was looking through my collection and was comparing DoD to AoO. DoD had 12 nerfs total over 11 cards as DQA got nerfed twice. AoO had 14 nerfs over 14 cards, half of which where DH cards. DH in total had 13 cards nerfed. 2 were from the Basic set and 4 were from the Initiate set, so technically not AoO itself. AoO also buffed 5 cards, while DoD unsurprisingly had 0 buffed cards. I think you're correct in that DoD set up a lot of the issues AoO was going to be facing along with an overtuned 10th class. It's no surprise that DH was going to run into balance issues, but the fact that it instantly broke the game makes me feel they knew it was too strong but released the class as is. It left a lot of players salty and uninterested in HS. Thankfully, the Scholomance Academy looks a lot more balanced. Like Paladin and Shaman might actually be playable when the expansion drops.

  22. Zeddy when you review the new set fully pls talk about how almost every card is power creep of stuff we seen before, almost no one talking about that besides you

  23. In my opinion Paladin is not a failure this expansion, but the entire last was a failure for paladin. The only architype that saw competitive play was Shirvallah otk and not any paladin card card from the year of the dragon saw play (exept finley some time to time). So when Shirvallah rotated out, paladin had to find new architypes : Librams. I think it's great architype ; "decent"/fun in wild with Lynessa and Yogg, but in standard, a single expension of playble cards couldn't compete all other classes (and DH). So I hope they will continue in the same direction as ashes of outland (buff spells, librams, more draw options …) so paladin can finally get a real good architype (other than silly aggro). (BTW: Paladin is my favorite class ,lol)

  24. I feel like labeling the recent videos as Scholomance Academy before the expansion drops is a little misleading, especially when most or all of the recent videos have been from the perspective of the current Ashes of Outland meta. Otherwise, I appreciate the videos! Just found your channel recently and I appreciate the unique content.

  25. Was really glad you brought up the point about Descent of Dragons, that set caused a lot of problems and then Ashes coming out right after only compounded the issue you, I get that powerful cards are interesting but at some point you have to reign it in, I'm curious to see what the game looks like in the next few metas.

  26. I have mixed feelings. I agree with everything you said, but I also think they did some things well. They finally gave us a new class ppl asked for (which probably wasnt easy to do for a game established around 9 classes for several years), they revamped a better ladder system, and they were pretty responsive to needed nerfs and buffs (compared to their previous track record). Plus the new expansion seems pretty fun and unique. The only scary thing is dh getting more insanely broken stuff again.

  27. Demon Hunter aside, this expansion was about as impactful as Rastakhan's Rumble, mainly because DoD/GA is impossible to compete with. It's going to remain that way until rotation it seems.

  28. "People were excited about a new class coming into the game." As soon as they said they would introduce DH I knew the game was going to be ruined because in WoW they are straight cancer to play against and it turned out I was right, straight cancer to play against in HS as well.

  29. Another Team 5 Epic fail indeed. Can't wait to uninstall ( again ) -_- Good video as usual 😉

  30. I think AoO was doomed to failure before it was even released.
    Historically speaking, there has never been a meta in which every class had at least one tier 1 or 2 deck available. There is always a "9th class" which is in the dumpster and has fringe success, but nothing meta defining for that expansion. Some metas have more "lol X-class in [insert year]" classes than others, but it's never been in a situation where every class was truly viable.

    Adding a tenth class (regardless of which one it was) just complicates the class interactions, and in turn would inevitably push us toward having more classes be dumpster tier. Even if Demon Hunter was as balanced as it currently is (which is debatable if it's balanced even now) when it was first released, we would still have the issue of having two entire classes not contributing to the meta, and therefore be wasted content space.

    But Demon Hunter was completely busted in ways that demanded multiple nerfs back to back, in ways that other pros invited to their summit for playtesting said and demonstrated would be overpowered if released as is. And it's now the single most nerfed class in the game, less than 4 months from its release while every other class has had 6 years to build up their nerf reservoir. And that isn't even mentioning what odd DH is doing in wild, which… shouldn't even be a thing considering the whole point of that mode is that that old meta decks can be put against new meta decks, hence why Aviana was nerfed for the sins of Juicy Psychemelon, or all of Echo being changed for the sins of Mechwarper.

    DH is the sort of addition that absolutely destroys player trust in the balance team, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are some serious long term economic repercussions from this release.

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