Westworld (HBO) Episode 5 - Review & Recap of Contrapasso

Contrapasso is proportionate punishment for sins, and Westworld Episode 5 hinted at all the ways our favorite characters are about to pay for their transgressions. From Maeve’s growing abilities to Dr. Ford’s growing hubris to El Lazo’s growing rebellion in Pariah, Westworld is heating up to an explosive boil.

Up for debate and discussion in this week’s podcast: Are Dolores’ hallucinations just new narratives being uploaded into her mind? Who is behind the Woodcutter’s satellite uplink? Is Arnold a real person who created Dr. Ford, or the other way around? And is the maze just a call to arms for hosts ready to fight back?

Like a corpse full of nitroglycerin, Westworld is about to blow up. Let’s share a toast and watch the fireworks.

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25 thoughts on “Westworld (HBO) Episode 5 — Review & Recap of Contrapasso

  1. finally! thanks so excited to listen in. I've got a craps ton to say. I'll hold off until I'm done with the podcast.

    thanks fellas

  2. this is how you address that dude..

    tell them to step outside of the cry more noob heard mentality. oh noes can't has differing opinions, carebear stare activated

  3. If William and the Man in Black exist in different timelines than some or all of the workers pulling the strings below westworld need to be robots aswell. Especially Hemsworth's character. Because he commented on both the man in black shooting rampage in Lawrence's village ("that guest can do whatever he wants") and Dolores straying from her loop and ending up with William.
    I'm not buying it, like one of the guys said, if some scenes take place in the 30 years earlier timeline the robots behavior would be a lot less advance and more robotic.

  4. Got lucky with the YouTube search yesterday and started listening to your podcasts. Its funny how the difference story with this episode caused me to finally do a search to begin with, lol. Really glad I found yall because I never had so many theories, just the one about timelines with the man in black being in the show as young and old self.
    I doubt I would ever right in but really appreciate the time you take to read emails and answer so thoroughly. I just hope by the end of the season we get some great answers and not just left with needing more podcasts to theory craft.

  5. Great Podcast gentlemen. I believe the multiple timeline theory but I do not feel The Man in Black is William. My basis for this is when the Man in Black says to Teddy, "When this place started, I opened one of you up once. A million tiny pieces, then they changed you" . How can this be possible if in the William timeline, this is his first time in the park and the hosts look like the upgraded versions? Just a thought.

  6. I don't get the hate…"What a flaming bag of shit" and you were "disgusted" by it…damn…I don't think they have lost their way. If anything I was ready to give up watching and finally things are getting interesting for me… I now have stuff to look for.

  7. Ford didn't say Arnold was the creator — he said that Arnold was Dolores' creator. He was only referring to her at the time. (In reference to the comment at ~13:50)

    Also @22:30 the MiB had told Teddy that "he cut one of you open once" when he was first here and the androids were filled with "millions of perfect pieces". Now they are flesh and blood because it's "cheaper". However in the William & Logan scenes when they are shot there is blood spatter, etc. That implies a more "modern" android — e.g. William and Logan are NOT there 30 years ago.

  8. You guys want something that will blow your mind — go to the HBO website for westworld (http://discoverwestworld.com), go into the Aeden host AI and type in "arnold" — once it errors out type in "where is hell".

    You get some great text, "You're in a prison of your own sins. Hell is empty, and the devils are here. Arnold will come for you." You also get some text of scrambled "These violent delights have violent ends."

  9. At 50:00 Yes there was a Michael Crichton book but not as a novel, wish there had been, he wrote a screenplay which was published along with some notes and pics.

  10. NO! Purgatory is a place of purgation… The last of the attachments and sins committed by a soul is "burned away as dross from gold".. That does not mean people in purgatory are burning. When a Catholic finds they are in purgatory, they know at some point they will be going to Heaven. Those in Hell do not have that option. Purgatory is the 'clean up' portion of a Catholic's trip to Heaven. My name used here is linked to an image of a woman in purgatory.
    Please check the belief on this.
    Please do not bash me for knowing this.
    BTW being in a loop of the horrors the hosts endure is much more like Hell.

  11. This is how i see it, westworld's narratives loops for a certain time period and they will etiher progress it or diviate or cancel it entirely, what im trying to say is the narratives in the park do progress over time. So its clear to me that this episode clearly proves that there are at least two different timelines with William and MIB. For the fact that Will met Lawrance when he was still being active as El Laso and when it shows MIB finds Lawrance his narrative shows that he has already been caught and ready to be executed, presumably Lawrance's narrative has been running for a while. Just a thought.

  12. Don't change your format. This is discussion, not being spoken to, being involved with. This is my ONLY Westworld show. Happy to give 2 hours a week to you guys.

  13. Somebody just tell me why they would put real nitro in the park? Humans are not supposed to be able to die so someone real would have had to plant the nitro and the seed for rebellion. Arnold did want to destroy the park so could that be the incident?

  14. Guys doesn't it make sense that Logan is there to check out the park for his company and that that company is Delos? There has to be multiple time lines, plus you see William with a big ass Man in Black knife in one of the trailers.

  15. Also; if you go to IMBD, everyone in the entire show has last names except William, Logan and the Man in Black. Come on…

  16. Rah-rah for Maeve! Her (Old Irish) name means, "she who intoxicates—Queen of the Fairies". And y'all supporting her character is cool! I love her storyline.⭐️

  17. I think Ford keeps Dolores in the park to punish her for what happened to Arnold. Every day she gets raped and her dad gets murdered.

  18. Hopkins is Welsh from Port Talbot, diolch yn fawr am actio yn Westworld. Evan Rachel Wood (Welsh) hahahaha

  19. The one dude breaks it down perfectly for there being two separate timelines. But the other guy won't even think about that logical information. he just wants to argue. Smh.

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