What is the Effect of Golden Shifter Zerus in Hearthstone Battlegrounds?

the most rare gold card in shifter zerus in hearthstone battlegrounds — shifter zerus

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44 thoughts on “What is the Effect of Golden Shifter Zerus in Hearthstone Battlegrounds?

  1. It should be a two card Discovery system that lets you pick which card you want it to be before it goes back into your hand.

  2. are we just gonna ignore the fact that this man got to 3'rd place while buying and PLAYING shifter zerus?

  3. What if you have 3 gold versions of the same minion? Do they become another triple and if they do, what happens to the stats and abilities?

  4. Thanks for clarifying that! Now i know how useless that would be 😆
    Can you check next what triple toxfin would do?

  5. So you could say that your Golden Shifter became…. a Golden Shitter…. YEAAAAAAAAAH csi meme song

  6. Hmm i managed to get 3 zerus în 1 turn and was winning before zerus. He shifted into the demon sigebreaker 5/8 (10/16 golden ) . I somehow still managed to win the fight.

  7. I wish they would patch it so any zerus in your hand counts, even if it has already shifted.

  8. I did it once. Was able to get three of them in a single round of tavern, I was curious so I bought the third one. Exactly what happens you get a gold version of a card and you don’t get the free tavern card for it being a triple. Seems slightly broken in my opinion, it could be powerful but it’s hardly worth it.

  9. What ever minion comes out of it should be a golden version already, or/and what eer card is Coming it is copied 3 times on your hand

  10. Best minion you can play with golden Zerus is Zerus. No other options. No regrets. No doubts. Zerus.

  11. 3к ммр это что за помойка ваще??? с нуля же 4к дают, это как же надо было постараться так слить

  12. Yea… i got 3 once. but i didn't have 1 played so i didn't get him golden.

  13. I got a golden mama bear off of gold zerus. Easy win.

    Atleast I thought it was easy win but then I realized that I just spent time getting gold Zerus and had 4 hp left. Then I died.

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