What Kinda Weird Tech Is This Card?!

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Deckcode: Highlander Mage — AAECAf0EHk2KAckDqwTFBMsE7QSKB40In5sDoJsDip4DoaEDwqED/KMDi6QDkqQD8qUDhKcD+qwD7K8D8K8DkbEDhLYDjLYD4bYDw7gDjbsD3L4D3sQDAAA=

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What Kinda Weird Tech Is This Card?!


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32 thoughts on “What Kinda Weird Tech Is This Card?!

  1. I had that card played against me and was hovering over it to see if it was a randomly generated card. Was not. And was confused…

  2. Make a deck using only cards that ruin your opponent's ability to play hearthstone. Summon your opponent's combo pieces, play their spells while making them costs five more, and finally, make their hero power garbage. Lol

  3. Thjis "okay okay okay i think we go animal companion here " Immediately grabs wild growth lmaooo i love thjis

  4. Ahh, so it's the deck tracker causing lag?
    It happens to me too and I thought it was the music app, or just the pc being slow and old.

  5. 3 grand for a PC nice, not sure what kind of specs it will have but that's for a good high-end, I spent over 4k but I needed more ram and other things for audio production. I'd love to see the specs for his new rig.

  6. question is there some crazy deck in stander for priest that run quest again i been running in to them alot?

  7. This card counters even decks as well as demon hunter. Also, it is at worst a 1 mana disruption.

  8. Pls try tempo demon hunter with mana burn + Vargoth on turn 5 or turn 6 and see what happens.

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