When Combo Decks FAIL To Win | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1536

When Combo Decks FAIL To Win | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1536

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ES_Ain’t No Princess — Glove Box
ES_He Wants to Dance — Chalalatas
ES_For Every Dollar — Honeycutts
ES_Taste of New Orleans — Golden Age Radio
Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin (Full Audio)

00:00 — Intro
00:31 — Moments
10:25 — Outro

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33 thoughts on “When Combo Decks FAIL To Win | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1536

  1. My fav is a deck with Deathstalker Rexxar that I created a couple years ago. With only one legendary card in a deck it still has a 67% win rate (in my decktracker), which is quite nice.

  2. LIBRAM PALADIN 100% Ive been trying out tons of different variations of it like pure, kael 'thas, and replicatotron and I've gotten to legend easily with it every month since Outland was released and I love it 😀

  3. I play paladin pure libram and spell druid. I made a paladin pure libram deck cuz i thought it had the potential cuz of the heals

  4. My favortie deck is some mid hunter I built, with rushs and Death rattle (+ barista for the primus it's fun)

  5. I've been playing battlecry quest shaman since saviours of Ul'Doom and added in the galakrond package for an explosive win condition. RIP Shudderwock.

  6. Oh boy, my favorite deck atm has to be Reno galakrond shaman in wild, imo control decks are underated in wild , but this deck is just pure insanity and also really fun.

  7. i'll never understand playing LOTS of minions in a spell druid deck, then burning those like a mf and crying and shit bruh wtf is wrong with all these peopl

  8. My favourite deck right now is Galakrond secret rogue with a bunch of random stuff like dragon's hoard, because it's so much fun to play and every game is different.

  9. I actually play Kael-Gala-Tess-Yogg rouge. So much fun to play and also wins against slow decks

  10. It's the 10th time I replayed that Ben Brode clip.
    We all miss him…

  11. atm malygos hunter and spell hunter w barnws abd Y'saraaj fun decks and they feel good

  12. I'm currently playing an OTK Miracle Priest in Wild with Mind Blast, Velen, Malygos and Lyra the Sunshard. It's a deck that i played in standard before the rotation of Un'goro and i just made some slight adjustments (like adding Renew which is great in the deck).

  13. My favorite deck is definitely cube warlock it's just cool so huge demons to Summon and its soo strong i got legend this and last season with it XD

  14. I'am playing libram Paladin all the way! Or spell-only-mage (without reno cause dont own the adventure). Ramp druid is also on the table!

  15. My favorite deck right now is just “how many game plans can I fit into one deck” so I have single lackey quest control big demon warlock

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