Which FREE DECK to Choose - Hearthstone

New and returning players get to choose a FREE deck! Also you can make a new account / switch servers to maybe make your collection nicer.

«Been away from the tavern for a while? No problem! We’ve kept a cozy chair waiting for you by the hearth, so take a seat and rejoin the fun with a free deck of your choice, on the house! Starting March 26, new players and players who have not logged into Hearthstone in the past four months* will earn a free deck from a class of their choice–built with cards from Year of the Dragon–upon graduating from the New Player ranks! Until then, you can browse the full deck lists for the available options below:

*Free deck only available to players who have not logged into Hearthstone in the past 4 months beginning on March 17, 2020. Limit one per account.»

Here’s a link to the thread: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/hearthstone/t/free-deck-for-new-and-returning-players/26920

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Which FREE DECK to Choose — Hearthstone



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30 thoughts on “Which FREE DECK to Choose — Hearthstone

  1. But do you only get to play with chosen deck or you also get to use cards in it to build your own? Like do you get those cards in your collection?

  2. i literally rejoined playing hearthstone 5 days before this deadline… now i dont get that free deck and i have a account with some nice legendaries ive learned to love and use in most of my decks..

  3. I’m a new player and I’m wondering if there is any way to skip the new player ranks (50-26)

  4. As a free to play player that came back to the game like a year ago I feel like shit after seeing this

  5. Important: for those free to play players who are making new accounts, you can skip to rank 25 and still get the free deck. You do not need to play 50-26

  6. How does one unlock the option the choose a free deck? I just logged on for the first time and the option didn’t come up?

  7. Rogue is the WAAYYYYY better choice. The mage deck is #2 but it is not the choice for comp play. It is more fun, but it needs a little help and Rogue is just so DAMN good

  8. I didn’t play in a long time but did log in so I won’t get the cards, i have about 9k dust so will i be fine if i just get ashes of outland and craft rest once xpac goes live?

  9. Wait, I started playing Hearthstone today again and i didn't get anything, something wrong or do i just not understand stuff lol

  10. Haven’t played in years just redownloaded last night. I don’t see this new deck option anywhere.

  11. what if you already own a copy of a legendary, lets say zephrys, and you choose the reno mage deck. do you get another copy?

  12. Is it still possible to get all galakronds for free? It says on google that was the case only within 90 days after the release of descent of dragons.

  13. So as a new Player I have to play from rank 40 to rank 1 (60-120 games) to get one of these a free decks?

  14. My only problem with the Reno's Riches choice is it gets whamped by Face Hunter, which is running rampant on ladder. The only reason the Rogue deck is worth choosing is because it whamps Ressurect Priest, especially now that Cloning Device is gone. I honestly feel robbed, but eh, Demon Hunter is OP right now anyways.

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