Why Do You Play That Card!? | Reliquary Shaman | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

The perfect counter to exactly my deck and no one else on ladder.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/MYQRttu1OOw


Deck Code: AAECAaoICIEE/gWKlAOQpwPosAPmtwPkuAOTwgMLnAL/BbIGrZEDu60D57ADgbED27gDk7kDl7kDmLkDAA==

00:00 Galakrond Rogue


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34 thoughts on “Why Do You Play That Card!? | Reliquary Shaman | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. AAECAaoICIEE/gWKlAOQpwPosAPmtwPkuAOTwgMLnAL/BbIGrZEDu60D57ADgbED27gDk7kDl7kDmLkDAA==

  2. that stickyfinger in the first game is about the most emotions ive ever seen you express

  3. 5:32 Seething with anger, Chump kills the Stickyfinger as fast as possible with the topdeck Torrent, only in hindsight acknowledging that the most vengeful play was also the most correct.

  4. Sticky Fingers, Platebreaker, Kayn Sunfury, any silence card, Counterspell, and those secret stealing/destroying cards are just…the worst. They nullify entire mechanics of the game and are just completely unfun for one side

    Edit: The dude burned 3 of his best cards with that Galakrond. What was he thinking?

  5. I've been watching this dude for a couple years now….I've never seen him as triggered as when that weapon got stolen. Love it!

  6. That guy is a good example of why Galakrond Rogue is so broken. He played terribly and it was still difficult for you to punish his mistakes because he was still capable of building threatening boards almost every turn.

  7. "Why is that in your deck?" Because rogue's base toolkit is so unacceptably overpowered they can fuck around with tech cards for fun.

  8. Man after you played that second scheme I was totally expecting the rogue’s next turn to be a DQ Alex because that’s what always happens when frickin rogue gets close to fatigue and has been dropping a million draconid lackeys. Some guy yesterday dropped THREE DQ Alexes on me in his non-HL rogue deck, that shit tilted me off the planet

  9. That rouge misplayed so many times and you still had to try… what has hearthstone come to???

  10. I'm happy to see Chump so animated! And why do opponents like to sap/stun The Lurker Below back to your hand? Even in your previous Reliquary Shaman video, you can see it. That can't be the right thing to do right?

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