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We found a new otk that allows you to have infinite time and infinite damage and all it needs is 6 combo pieces. it was absolutely cray cray you won’t believe it omg so cool Poggers

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23 thoughts on “Why I will never play this deck again.. | Solem

  1. Why is Nozdormu resetting the turn? Small indie company i guess but cool idea. 🙂

  2. I see youre a big fan of Wild Hearthstone.
    Are you by any chance going to play in Solems Wild Hearthstone Tournament?

  3. ALRIGHT DECK INTRO TIME AND THIS TIME we are playing MarkMcKz's deck but worse

    Play the dk guldan hero power instead of the 1 dmg guy, alternate between hitting your face and the enemies and then you don't even need reno

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