WILD IS TOTALLY Balanced Right Now! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1509

WILD IS TOTALLY Balanced Right Now! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1509

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ES_Won’t Return to This Town — Epocha
ES_It’s in the Amp — Epocha
ES_Wanda — Alexandra Woodward
ES_The Simple Life — Grip City Cronies
ES_Pretty Funked Up — The New Fools
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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44 thoughts on “WILD IS TOTALLY Balanced Right Now! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1509

  1. Total FOUR mana (with coin) for 18/20 in Stats… I have NEVER seen anything this insane on turn two before

  2. For the battle between Mr. Editor and Mr. Narrator it would be nice to see each player play a spell only deck except that they have 2 minions (milhouse and lorwalker cho) The thing is that when one of the Cho is played the other can't target it to kill it directly. I think it would be pretty funny

  3. I would like to see a full on meme deck, such as millhouse manastorm and harbinger celestia etc.

  4. Mr editor I belly laughed at the "well in that case" joke you made, simply genius and thank you for making me laugh.

  5. Comment Question:
    I would love to see that both of you are playing Millhouse Manastorm and just normal Decks, no more Memes or even a Meta Deck. If one of you draws Millhouse, you are forced to play it as soon as you can! 😁

  6. CURSED BLADE FOR SURE! Every time someone ends up with it as their weapon you know it's going to be funny (well, at least for the opponent and those who are watching)

  7. 1:43 idk if this is treated as useless play, but for me it is reasonable on early game, having 4 health against 1/1 dudes, and rogue able to buff minions

  8. 4:38 if his apm permitted it, he could have zephyrs'd first, sent the lava burst/evis face, then soul fired. Would have won the game.

  9. I love to use my golden Nat with my friends and cho with academic espionage , it's really funny

  10. Heres a possible comment question of the day. What did you guys get from the golden classic bundle if you purchased it? Did you get the bare minimum, or did you make absolute BANK off it.

    As for me, I actually got a gold Baron Geddon, and a friend of mine got Inquisitor and Nozdormu from the same pack!

  11. I want more spelldamage cards, like spelldamage reborn or spell damage spellproof or

    3mana 2/1 divine shield and spelldamage 2

  12. Comment question: if you can combone 2 hero powers in battleground. What would it be? Mine would be edwin and millhouse. 😍

  13. im getting nervous everytime that dude at 3:20 comes on. his tick with his hair is not healthy honestly

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