World of Warcraft Classic Announcement

Get ready for a trip through time as a classic server option is coming to World of Warcraft. Keep an eye out for details on


28 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Classic Announcement

  1. I just love the reverse segments so much
    Deathwing: Whoops, sorry about that, let me just…
    Pandaren: Back into the mist we go! Later!
    Illidan: I was not prepared!

  2. Honestly I love classic, but there's a lot of elitist comments in this comment section. Let people have opinions, jeez.

  3. Acho muito nada ver vc ver os graficos do trailer de uma forma e o jogo de outra . obs: eu sei que o jogo é antigo mas não acham que passou da hora de atualizar esses graficos para atrair novos jogadores?

  4. Classic really is something. I mean it ain't my cup of tea, as I always liked casual gaming with a spice of challenge, but it is a nostalgia trip. I stopped playing WoW just before Catacalysm came out, and returned as Classic came out. It was a nice change. I still like BFA WoW, because it's got all the stuff I personally loved, like Death Knights, but Classic has that social "do whatever you want" feeling, and the amazing PvP maps

  5. I think they should make a special Vanilla Server. Cap it at 60, keep out all the things that ruined WOW, but keep the new races and all the pre-60 new content. That might be tempting to play. Also, make it where a level 60 can no longer enter level 30 dungeons, so people have to group with people near their own level.

  6. отличная идея пришла наконец то уважаемым близадцам
    давно было пора так сделать , надеюсь они так запустят все миры по отдельности

  7. The great thing is, most who played WoW back in the day. Are Adults (some) now. With careers and families. I for one am applying my project manager skills to running a guild lol. I also have a guild member who is a dad. His whole family plays. They are always in a five man. Him, his wife and two kids all play! It’s really heart warming. There is also less drama (on my sever) too. This game will always be better then Retail to me.

  8. Reporting from 2020: Classic is booming and showing no signs of slowing down, TBC is going to come out some time after phase 6 and everyone is happy. Good times indeed

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