World of Warcraft Classic Preview - More Than Just Nostalgia

James discusses his time with a preview build of World of Warcraft Classic, including beta and release dates!

WoW Classic — 12 Minutes of Alliance Warrior Gameplay

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28 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Classic Preview — More Than Just Nostalgia

  1. its funny listening to a guy seriously review a game from 20 years ago and comparing to the actual wow.

  2. its not more than nostalgia. if the game came out today from a different dev we’d all say it was incredibly dated and mechanically unintuitive and unsatisfying

  3. Might come as a surprise but I never played the classic wow when I was younger, I tried too but things got in the way. Fast forward I tried the new one but I never could get into it so I'm glad to experience what I missed.

  4. This is so exciting. I remember staying up until 4am playing vanilla wow in my room, then sleeping during highschool and still somehow managing to graduate lol. The addiction was real. But glad to say I had a very OP undead rogue! For the horde!

  5. You'd imagine not many would object to the listing tool? There was literally massive Drama about an addon that did the same thing

  6. Nonsense WoW Classic isnt what people wanted truly, they wanted WoW Classic + Wotlk :P, Also i play Elder scrolls online coz wow is the most expensive game while it offer horrible dated gameplay i still dunno why ppl play wow not eso but i am happy coz of weekends ESO servers gets laggy too many ppl play ESO 🙁 so i rly hope some go to wow

  7. The grind isn't bad. You have to spend time playing to get a level, not just log in do 3 quests & level up in 15 minutes.

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  9. Played classic many years ago and gave it another try… bloody awful! I was going to stick with BFA but it’s finished on my server, hardly any players anymore, can’t raid as the queues are so long for lack of players. Going to let this months payment expire then I’ll quit. Blizzard have scored a home goal reintroducing this crap.

  10. i lost 2 and a half years of my life to wow (started playing the day lich king came out) during the golden years…BEST TIME EVER!

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