World of Warcraft Dance Origins

All the race and class dances with their corresponding origins and music! ********** Please Read Before Commenting 🙂 ***********

All the information for each dance was gathered from If you don’t agree with any of the origins of the dances above please don’t blast me, I’m just the messenger. Thank you. ^.^

Also I DO NOT own the rights to «World of Warcraft», «WoW», «World of Warcraft» Races»,»World of Warcraft» Classes or anything else not stated belonging to World of Warcraft© and Blizzard Entertainment©.

Here is a list of all the videos I used for the making of this video. I, as stated above, DO NOT own any of the rights to these videos. Please give them their credit. Also thank you for allowing me to use them for my video. ^.^

Opening Music:
Transition Music:

Blood Elf Male Video and Song :
Blood Elf Male Video and Song :
Draenei Male Video and Song :
Draenei Female Video and Song :
Dwarf Male Video and Song :
Dwarf Female Video and Song :
Gnome Male Video and Song :
Gnome Female Video and Song :
Goblin Male Video and Song :
Goblin Female Video and Song :
Human Male Video and Song :
Human Female Video and Song :
Night Elf Male Video and Song :
Night Elf Female Video and Song :
Orc Male Video and Song :
Orc Female Video and Song :
Pandaren Male Video and Song :
Dance :
Pandaren Female Video and Song :
Dance :
Tauren Male Video and Song :
Tauren Female Video and Song :
Troll Male Video :
Song :
Troll Female Video and Song :
Undead Male Video and Song :
Undead Female Video :
Song :
Worgen Male Video and Song :
Dance :
Worgen Female Video and Song :
Dance :
Ghost Wolf Video :
Song :
Bear Video : Directly from Dr. Dolittle II
Song :
Cat Video :
Song :
Moonkin Video and Song :
Tree of Life Video :
Song :
Murloc Video :
Song :


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  1. its a hard choice to make while creating a new character — 1 for the cool meme dance moves or 2 for the booty

  2. I roll all female toons but the male Forsaken dance is probably my most fave, in all the game. It's so perfect for their model. Orc dances, both male and female, are pretty great, too. I love this game so much.

  3. Some of these are wrong, human male is from the movie saturday night fever, and i'm pretty sure the draeni female is just belly dancing, not shakira specifically.

  4. Only the real OG’s know that this used to be a significantly older video from the oxhorn era of wow machinmas

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