World of Warcraft - Invincible [Piano]

World of Warcraft — Invincible is one of my favorites from this game. A beautiful piece of music. And sounds really great on piano.

I cannot provide the sheets, since they are copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment. The ISBN for the sheets are 9780739074978.

THIS IS NOT A TUTORIAL. Download the midi, together with Synthesia Game ( and slow it down to your desired speed.

Midi can be found here

Hope you enjoy.
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© Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved


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35 thoughts on “World of Warcraft — Invincible [Piano]

  1. After nearly an hour of playing I've mastered the first 20 secs. Played the piano for nearly half a year. Arthas help me.

  2. Invincible Lyrics;

    Comilito equinus
    Orbitas lacuna
    G'Odhun A'l Korokh Boda Uh'm
    Boda Uh'm Ron'Kashal
    Detrimentum a do sola ditas

    An Karanir Thanagor
    Mor Ok Angalor
    Mor Ok Gorum
    Pala Ah'm Ravali Ah'm.

  3. Sheets available on Amazon for $4, copy paste "ISBN 9780739074978" on google, provided in the description of the video

  4. I bought the sheets and they arrive today, can't wait to start learning this piece!

  5. This actually isn't a bad song to learn for beginners since it doesn't require hand independence.

  6. hi people can i ask you how you made synthesia sound that damn real acoustic like ? cause the default one is not like this sound

  7. If you need the sheet, just get Musescore2 (it's free), and import the midi file you can find in the description 😉 It creates the sheet. (or send me an e-mail, you'll find it on my website, not youtube)

  8. Comilito equinus
    orbitas lacuna.
    G'odhun al korokh
    boda uhm.
    Boda uhm ron'kashal
    detrmentum a do sola diatas.

    An Karanir Thanagor,
    Mor Ok Angalor.
    Mor Ok Gorum
    Pala Ah'm Ravali Ah'm.

  9. started playing piano a week, is it worth a shot to learn this now or is it too hard for beginner ?

  10. Теперь буду петь эту песню 10.000 лет: An Karanir Thanagor…

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