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History of Invincible from WoWWiki:

Invincible was the steed of Arthas Menethil, both in life and death. He was the skeletal steed that Arthas rode throughout Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Invincible was born to the mare Brightmane on the Balnir Farmstead in Tirisfal Glades, in the winter of the year Stormwind fell. Prince Arthas, then nine years old, was present when he was born, and was given the horse by the Balnir family, who bred horses used by the royal family. The horse had a white coat, different from the usual Balnir stock, which normally had gray coats. Arthas had considered naming the horse «Snowfall» or «Starlight», but in the informal tradition of Lordaeron knights and nobles naming their steeds after a quality (Uther’s was «Steadfast», King Terenas’ «Courageous»), he named the colt «Invincible».

Ten years later in winter, before Arthas was inducted into the Knights of the Silver Hand, Arthas’ exertion in the numbing cold resulted in a crippling injury to his beloved Invincible. Too far from help and unable to heal the stricken horse, Arthas was forced to kill him in order to relieve his pain. He was buried on the grounds of the Balnir Farmstead at Arthas’ request. Invincible’s death was one of the events that inspired Arthas to become a paladin.

After the fall of Lordaeron years later, Arthas — now a death knight — ran directly from Lordaeron after murdering his father, to the Balnir Farmstead where Invicible was buried. With the power of Frostmourne, Arthas resurrected the horse as his undead steed. Now fully living up to his name, Invincible could become a spectre and disappear, to be resummoned by Arthas at any time.

During the Scourge’s siege on the Sunwell, Anasterian Sunstrider confronted Arthas in single combat, severing Invincible’s forelegs with his runeblade, Felo’melorn, to dismount him. Witnessing Invincible’s injuries brought on a surge of memories and sent Arthas into a rage, during which he shattered Felo’melorn and struck down Anasterian. This time, however, Arthas was able to necromantically repair the injuries. It is likely that Invincible still serves as his master’s steed, even after Arthas became the new Lich King, though Sindragosa has also been referred to as his mount.

Music made by Blizzard, Pictures I got from and Blizzard fanarts Community. Video made by me.

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35 thoughts on “World of Warcraft — Invincible

  1. A man who in his darkest hour steps up to do what being a leader means only to be abandoned by the people he loved most. Put simply he didn’t abandon them they abandoned him.

  2. He was killed so many zillion times for his mount that he has become a part of our lives . He was so hard to kill! Back in the days there was a constant need to become "Kingslayer" and "Light of dawn" . Back then where those achievements really mattered 🙂

  3. With Arthas Blizzard told us their own story. Blizzard is Arthas and Activision is Frostmourne.

  4. The most tragic fallen hero in history of entertainment. A bright prince corrupted by evil who destroyed everything he once loved. In the end, he had nothing to show for it.

  5. Did anyone stop to think that Arthas was just trying to stop Cata, WoD, and BFA from happening?

  6. I have no problem saying that Arthas is one of the greatest villains of all time. Not just video games, I mean ever.

  7. The Argent Crusade will be forever in our hearts.
    WOW is not dead, it is inside us.

    Thank you for the good times.

    At least they happened.

  8. After 10 years and 400+ IDs … ''Father is it over?''
    Im gonna take care of your Pet Arthas.

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