World of Warcraft Shadowlands Alpha First Look

Savix Trying WoW Shadowlands Alpha
my email is 🙂

Live Stream:


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37 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Shadowlands Alpha First Look

  1. I feel like you tried to not upload too much bc you wanted all your uploads to be quality… but in the end, you prob didn't get alpha bc you didn't become recognized enough.

    Just jokes, but honestly you're one of the only WoW youtubers I like.

  2. when i saw "World of Warcraft Shadowlands Alpha First Look" folowed by savix , i knew something was wrong XD

    Unlucky bro =P

  3. Still waiting for alpha so I can make a new video finally after 3 years

  4. i wish that i can just buy the game .. im just privet server player since burning crusade
    i'm waiting for you to play shadowlands brother .
    Arabic fan

  5. Literally — the ONLY retail video I would watch. And that's because you put so much time and energy into the editing to make it amazing. Hands down one of the best wow video editors. Period. Keep your head up Savix. You'll attract viewers even without alpha because you work your butt off on making awesome content. Hell, this 2 min vid about how you didn't get alpha access is probably better than most just showing game-play. 😀

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