World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer- REACTION and REVIEW!!!

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer- REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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44 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer- REACTION and REVIEW!!!

  1. she littirally opened a gate to ''hell'' aka shadowlands aka the afterlife deff the best villain she has been building character for many years now

  2. It would be really cool to see a video you teaching your kids the basics of wow !

  3. I have to say this. And not to be mean. Although they've been shooting themselves on the foot lately, i still love Diablo, WoW and Overwatch..
    But they really need to start making less games and more movies man… They've got the lore, the characters, the quality is OFF THE CHARTS… and they've only made a single movie out of 3 MASSIVE universes they've created. Kind of a missed opportunity there xD

    Also, related to the video… i could even cry of joy by seeing a family enjoying videogames like this.
    Twenty or thirty years ago this would've been out of this world. Cheers to you all!

  4. I need a GF that plays wow to
    Create a family that plays wow too and so on and on

  5. To lazy to read if anyone explained this, but the reason the "king" was glowing red was because he was consumed by a dragon's fire and it's "heat" was how he was holding back the "ice" of the lich king's power. The color change was him letting go of the dragon fire and allowing the ice to take over for a bit so he could be stronger fighting Sylvanis Windstrider. Up until this cinematic, it was known that there was always a lich king, set to control the scourge (aka undead horde of evil). When Sylvanis broke the helm, she broke the rules of the universe and basically broke the concept of death. Now things don't die right, and players can travel to the afterlife without having to die. And, we learn that she broke death a little before she broke the helm, she made it so everyone who died basically went to super hell before she broke things worse and opened the door to the afterlife. And we learned why she was causing so much trouble before this, she wanted to cause as much death as she could, to feed super hell with alot of souls.

  6. arthas channeling darth vader with those force lifts and how he looks now after so many years under the helmet 😄

  7. Sitting in the Anniversary AV queue at the moment and thinking about something; The "win at Fortnite" isn't a good measurement for WoW as Fortnite is largely a PVP focused game and WoW's starting area's are all PVE. Personally, I still say the Pandaren have the best one with the Human and Orc ones being the most bland. Goblin's may not have aged well.

  8. 15 year veteran here…this got me pretty interested, if I could stop getting sucked into classic. Trust me dad, you will feel that magic of old. I started when I was 30 and now 45, but a huge difference is I'm a bachelor, so my play time is what I make of it, which is exactly the same 15 years ago….my guild if you are interested is mostly 40 somethings all with family and we are called Casual Theory, no requirement, play at your own place kinda guild.

  9. Take a look at Swtor cinematics if you want a little different from Blizzard

  10. You guys should Watch ff14 Shadowbringers trailer, since people are saying Blizzard are copying them.

  11. Real talk, whatever potion you guys are drinking, i dig it.
    I dont even know who i like more tbh, mom, dad, the extremely awesome older sister? the little dude who is clearly gonna be trouble? the little one who is clearly trouble, period.
    heckin heck.

  12. The little girl is the only one I've seen react to this that noticed the break was coming by the hand placement, everyone else still thought she was putting it on. She's really observant.

  13. Sylvanas vers the Lich Steward/Janitor. Pretty telling, that even Saurfang gave her more damage than the so-called "Lich King" Bolvar.

  14. beginning warning may contain content inappropriate for children — so they let their 3 kids watch anyways lol

  15. I’m hoping that shadowlands is good BFA I wasn’t a fan of but it wasn’t bad. Legion was pretty cool and I hope it can surpass it.

  16. Since gaining that purple magic, Sylvanas has become insanely powerful, the fact that she could defeat the lich king and his army so easily is proof of her ultimate antihero status, and when she destroys the helm, she opens the gateway to the shadowlands, unleashing ultimate destruction and mayhem.

  17. just let the little girl play wow… fortnite is more complex than retail wow lol

  18. I stopped playing years ago, pandas are a joke and it was a big insult to me. You need to be self aware of what you are producing even if you were first before Kung Fu Panda the movie. Strawberry shortcake death knights are also stupid, stupid, stupid! Failure/fire those developers/executives! A Lich is not a death Knight, you are total idiots, they are 2 totally different things, these developers/executives are retarded. These developers are so BAD, BAD, BAD a 1st level spider looks the same as a 70th level spider, it goes on and on. I quit because the game is stupid and the people in charge are stupid.

  19. Looks Interesting. Played Vanilla for 7 years gave it up while my kids grew up now I'm retired so I can play whenever.

  20. i got a toon to level 49 in wow classic and have not played in a few months; but it is just not the same since boa's, lower level requirements for mounts. i started in bc from a friends recommendation. i play when i can. the reason i am still in it, is my pet collection <3 . i also like going after achieves, toys and mounts. hope you all get back in it. there is something for everyone. you are neither too old nor too young to get started. it starts off and builds, so easy for everyone. gl, tc, hh ~chibi 😀

  21. I happen to be alone but I set a good 3-4 hours per day just to enjoy returning to wow, When I started both mom and dad played and I grouped up with them most of the time but I did take time off when I needed to do something school related, Its all about learning to find a balance you can enjoy the game and grouping with others but don't just push real life to the side, Because real life is the only place to get a good meal and fresh coffee. Oh and if your kids do play tell them to never go to goldshire on moonguard, It will give them nightmares.

  22. Everybody a gangsta, till the 8 year old has the same idea as the evil witch who breaks the sky…

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