WORST LEGENDARY SO FAR?? And a SUPER STRONG New Buff! | Scholomance Review #9 | Hearthstone

A couple new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

Quick Reviews: 9:08

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #9


48 thoughts on “WORST LEGENDARY SO FAR?? And a SUPER STRONG New Buff! | Scholomance Review #9 | Hearthstone

  1. Does turalyon set the targeted minion to 3/3 or does it reduce the minion it is definitely going to attack to 3/3. Not that it really matters in the current Meta, but misdirection type effects makes it good to know how it works.

  2. My ratings vs Regis, Round 9!
    Gift of Luminance: Disagree 3/5, Gift of Luminance is a decent spell but not strong enough to ensure it'll be an auto-include in Priest and Paladin decks.
    Turalyon, the Tenured: Agree 2/5.

  3. I think Turalyne might be better if they slapped taunt on him or made him do something when played. Maybe cast 3 hammers of wrath on random enemies?

  4. Such laziness design again they put into another legendary especially for Paladin. I'm glad i quit this game long ago and now sticking with runeterra. At least their cards are made with love and are not trash like those low effort made hs cards…

    I'm still watching Regis for his Charisma but i just can't stand blizzard anymore

  5. Turalyon does have one use, if it works? It can speedily kill Rattlegore. If it doesnt work…its just okay.

  6. Am I the only one whe feels paladins don't get much love lately? Like for the past YEAR?! (librams were good though)

  7. Gift of luminance should be a libram! And obviously Turalyon should be majorly buffed

  8. I feel like Turalyon's effect/stats could have just been given to a rare card. Wish they had done more or given him a little extra oomph with Windfury or even Divine shield.

  9. Turalyon needs windfury. It solves a lot of its issues without breaking the card.

  10. I think that the devs are pushing duel paladin. The 0 mana card that give you 1 drops, the mace that creates a minion, and then this, which will always win the duel and then attack once more thanks to rush. I think that it might be more solid than it seems.

  11. "this card is worse than other cards that dont even see play its just awful"
    "2 stars"
    lol just give it 1 cmon

  12. most of the cards this upcoming expansion seems very awkward to me, and not in a good way, i appreciate them trying new horizons, but they should at least make the card packs cheaper when doing so.

  13. I think he's fine. Paladin has plenty of board clear, but i feel is lacking good single target clear

  14. I think he's fine. Paladin has plenty of board clear, but i feel is lacking good single target clear

  15. So far, Paladin have gotten a 0 cost adding 2 1 cost minions, 2 cards focused on divine shield, and now this legendary that will never be used, with a focus on Rush.

    Yep… Hearthstone team still have no idea what to do with Paladin…

  16. Why am I the only one that actually really likes Turyalon. Like Pure Paladins biggest weakness is lack of efficient single target removal

  17. Turalyon can potentially work with duel paladin, as it can attack twice then.
    But it would steel need a big board to counter for that to work.

  18. God I hope they add more librams. It’s an archetype that has so much potential. But alas, blizzard has probably already forgotten about them in favor of some new archetype.

  19. Turalyon is one of the best balanced legendaries… which is meh. While other epics and Legendaries in the set seem broken.

  20. I honestly don't see the issue with tyralion. It's basically got taunt against decks with big stuff. It threatens to remove everything you play for cheap. Only problem is that when you are playing against aggro he's basically dead removal. That's the same for other cards that are being played though.

  21. For the 4 mana card you gave 4 stars I really don't understand why ? there is a card for 1 mana that give divine shield and it's not played at all… and augmarchand for another example, and for the deathrattle option.. that doesn't work either because without taunt, the defensive aspect is innexistant and the divine shield makes it more dificult to proc the deathrattle… so the divine shield become a disadvantage, the card seems unplayable for both classes and it's just a worse version of the t2 minion in priest who copy a deathrattle

  22. I can just imagine the bundles of joy mages will have using conjurers on a tortollan and spawning 1 of these 😂

  23. Gift of Luminance + Grave Rune + GREETINGS FELLOW HUMANS

    Oh yea you know i'm doing that to people. I'm going over 20 of those unspeakably horrible things.

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