WoW Shadowlands Gameplay

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at


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38 thoughts on “WoW Shadowlands Gameplay

  1. 38:30 dmg is low because 2hander is not equipped. Meaning unholy isn't getting any extra stats with 2 1handers.

  2. The abilities you get are permanent for the expansion and you can use them anywhere. It's pretty cool.

  3. I enjoy your videos for the simple fact that it's informative. Also, for the time I'm watching your streams, I can enjoy this game at better FPS.

  4. They didn't show a lot of Sylvanas stuff we knew she was making deals and such to gain more power and such also Bolvar is NOT as strong as Arthas he is by Weaker by a lot and Sylvanas has been shown to be able to fight Arthas in the Past

  5. This game si so overrated,i played wow since 2010 in like 10 years this game has become completely garbage,i moved on TESO.

  6. jesus is he getting fat… stop playing so much and start work out maybe

  7. Graphics look horrible in WOW. So Dated. That is the only reason I don't play it. Rift looks so much better! I just wish it had more players.

  8. i dont know why but it looks so embarrassing when you see grown up men playing computer 😀 get a real job man. time to grow up.

  9. I can see hunters being top tier for Pvp with that new trap skill being able to ignore line of sight

  10. i thought the cinemetic was bs, the lich-king destroyed in 2 minutes….rlly blizzard?

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