XCOM EW Multiplayer #169: 1-800-BLOOD

New prices, new meta: http://forums.2k.com/showthread.php?417981-XCOM-Enemy-Within-Multiplayer-Balance-Update-is-Live-on-PC-and-Console

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17 thoughts on “XCOM EW Multiplayer #169: 1-800-BLOOD

  1. What a friendly opponent… good game man. Mutons have aim almost as good as exalt it seems!

  2. this video is a perfect example of xcom MP : Even if they rebalance the prices the game will be buggy. Very buggy. But hopefuly this is the start of making xcom MP the game it deserves to be, imo, without the bugs and with balanced prices xcom is one of the beat things currently out there.
    Btw, is it bugy or buggy? 🙂

  3. Super cool episode. That was fun to see Mutons in action. I'm agree with you about the rebalancing being important for the game. Not only it gives more variety with the troops you can use but it also provide a ton of new strategic options (You can now use blood call as an effective tool to win the match, which was hardly doable before since it wasn't possible to bring that much Mutons on the field.

  4. I really wish the AI named aliens in the singleplayer now that I think about it. Imagine playing against a sectoid named Howard Barley on the tutorial level. 😛

  5. Grenades are indeed a real threat now.
    Can you try this squad at one point,
    #1 dead eye, laser sniper, scope, watcher
    #2 MEC guardian, demolisher, railgun.
    #3 floater
    #4&5 2xdrone
    (Or you can lose the railgun to add another drone if you want, both worked nicely for me)

  6. mutons dedicate this song to all sectoid commanders out there!

  7. lurkers are still good! but you need to be more careful with them now, and you can't just field a team of a lurker agent and a billion lurk-jumpers and steam roll everyone until you get matched against another player using the same build.

  8. Man, Team Muton is a brick house! I have a total cheese build you may or may not like. DE w/PS, SS, scope, watcher; hunter w/LS, LP, ghost grenade, watcher; and a floater. Gets you their best unit first turn on some maps!

  9. Wow, didn't believe you at first when you said firaxis made the changes. Had to check on it myself. So glad the lurker mod got increased price. The launch fix is really cool. I wonder if they fixed any of the host/client issues as well.

  10. I always believed that SCs would fit better at 3600 or 3800, not sure why but that just seems "right".

  11. The bugs in this one seem to be attributed to the crippling amount of lag in this game in particular.

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