XCOM Multiplayer #121: King Of The Hill - Double Bill

Two maps, two weird builds.

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21 thoughts on “XCOM Multiplayer #121: King Of The Hill — Double Bill

  1. They should give Chrysalids biolectric skin, so that they can see where enemies are at, and detect cloaked units. They're pretty overpriced in point value currently. As far as I understand from single player experience, if something detects you (battlescanner/bioelectric etc) then you'll immediately go out of cloak. 

    With mimetic skin, if your unit is able to see an enemy, then it's a safe bet that moving anywhere will bring you out of cloak. But Hunkering down/not doing anything, will keep you in cloak (a very useful tactic I use for covert operatives). 

    I don't think mechtoid can be mind controlled. I remember an interview with the devs saying that mechtoids couldn't be mind controlled, but mechs can be. Maybe this is different for multiplayer though.

  2. I really like this squad, lots of different abilities you can use, keeps the game nice and interesting!

  3. @FWG he9incarnate wouldn't make sense.. Hate Incarnate ==> h8incarnate

  4. Great to see I have been promoted from a Sectoid all those months ago to a Smokejumper. Thanks!

    Laughed out loud when I saw the Chryssalids. Great video.

  5. I could see Chryssalids making a niche for themselves in the meta. With all the new human units, and variations on the old humans EW added, I'd bet finding a squad that is totally immune to Chryss attack is going to be extremely rare.

  6. Expansion has improved the MP field considerably — a shame they didn't fix all the bugs 🙁

  7. Well played, commander Andro :)!
    Quite enjoyable to see new units and new strategies with the EW expansion.

  8. nice
    im still not certain if i like the mechs or not they don't look overpowerd perse but they can very easily be your pointman just run the big guy in and see where them people are at
    im still kinda sad they didnt get you either a cancel last move button or a way to see if you can actaully see someone from a certain spot or not :/

  9. Man, I just wanted to be the Mechtoid. Is that too much to ask?
    However, great matches (although the opponents weren't that competitive) and I hope you make more 20K matches.

  10. Another awesome FWG XCOM pvp 10k video! Hoping someday you'll explore how/when Mimetic Skin fails in multiplayer. Lurker seems fun but does it always fail when "too close" to the enemy or?

  11. You always talk about switching servers, i searched but i couldn't find anything good. Can you explain? Thanks in advance!

  12. Suggestion for modifying the squad from the first match:
    Mechtoid / Sectoid / EEM / SJ with chitin,LPR,Hypersenses / 2x Rookies with alien grandes and watcher (maybe change to berserker on certain maps where jumping on elevations isn't that important)

    This way you aren't that helpless against mimetic cloak soldiers: Hypersenses to reveal them and 2 nades to destroy their cover in order to reveal them or double nade for a direct kill after shieldscanning.

  13. You can MC merged units for sure! Mind Merge gives +25 will, he probably had a MC chance of 95%!! 🙂

    Also the game doesn't freeze anymore when killing a sectoid that is merged to a stimmed unit

  14. On Rooftop Construction: I had exactly the same problem, the tile on the roof is inaccessable, always drops down to the lower elevation. Really Annoying! Also the tiles at the edge of the map on XCOM HQ are nearly as bad to click on.

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