YSERA POWERROLL BUILD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — This Ysera thing is almost a meme at this point, but I still attempt it regularly.
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34 thoughts on “YSERA POWERROLL BUILD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Imagine he kept the hydra and buffed it every round with the lightfang and later with 2

  2. I've always wondered why you don't put your face-cam on the right side, just above the coins. rather than blocking the person in 8th place.
    keep up the great videos mate, thanks again!

  3. Last 3 matches on YouTube were boomer tastic… meaning they were trash … disappointed…

  4. What the hell was Kripp rolling for at the end? The only cards that improve his build are Kalecgos and Nadina, both six drops. He has a board full of golden cards with no triple possibility. It feels like a complete mistake to not level, there's no other way to improve.

  5. the main problem in this clip is that krip doesnt know how to play ysera, you need to level up, get som triples and pray to get kalygos , not stay in level one get some shitty level 2 minions and just win 2 or 3 fights

  6. That's the curse of the Hangry Dragon. Every time I'm winning and buy him, I immediately start losing. I don't buy him anymore, no matter how well I'm doing.

  7. This was hardly a "stay on one whelp-sera" build, he stayed maybe 2 extra rounds and only got 5 whelps which he sold 2 rounds later and got carried to 4th place by lucky goldgrubbers with an otherwise awful board.

  8. Why would you take Lightfangs when you have 2 minion types….I'd rather take a single Direhorn that has potential every fight to present 12/12 stats instead of a 2/2 that gives +4/+2, not to mention that buffs on red whelps likely wont matter

  9. Why does he buy a minion just to sell it and buy another 1, like at 2:39. Is it just becasue he wouldnt have used the 2 mana anyway?

  10. And then there's me who lost 4 favored fights in a row today immediately after buying 2 hungry dragons. Went from the only person with 40 hp on turn 7 to 6th place overall.

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