Ysiel's Pet Boar | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Everyone loves a Stonetusk Boar OTK.


Deck Code: AAECAZICAvihA+q6Aw5WX5cB/gGIBbcGxAbIogPZqQP5tQPkugPlugPmugPuugMA

00:00 Deck
01:03 Highlander Mage
09:17 Evolve Shaman


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36 thoughts on “Ysiel's Pet Boar | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. 3PM here and working from home, perfect timing to see the day out! Delighted to see another janky Chump OTK

  2. Dedicated maly druid is actually very good right now. I took it to legend this month with a 63% win rate (in wild)

  3. Is the chances of winning still good if the satyr discounts the boar instead of Ysiel? Would it be better to play the boar to gaurantee the discount? The Ysiel swing turn at the end was really effective by the way!

  4. I like OTKs that can conditionally be played as 2TKs too. Sometimes people get so obsessed with pulling off the OTK that they forget that it might just be useful enough as a big swing turn.

  5. I feel like if Druid ever gets a 10 mana spell that Refreshes your mana crystals with some extra effect like gain 10 armor (Let's call it Kun's Blessing), the Ysiel decks would be insane. Mean the rise of aggro and Bloodstinger hunters.

  6. Firebat does a Desert Obelisk OTK priest video and Chump does a druid boar OTK video.
    Today is a good day.

  7. I dont pay attention to when cards rotate out. Is that puppet guy who makes one cost one ones still in standard? Would he be good in a deck like this?

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