4 Ways Reaper of Souls Will Make Diablo 3 Worth Playing Again -The Gist

Think Diablo 3 has sucked recently? Think again. The upcoming expansion Reaper of Souls has significantly improved on the RPG experience, and here’s how.

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36 thoughts on “4 Ways Reaper of Souls Will Make Diablo 3 Worth Playing Again -The Gist

  1. not worth paying 40$ for one classe one act and some shit about loot ! gonna stay on path of exile !

  2. the damage has been done…,
    pre-ordered Reaper of Souls, claim launching digital bonuses, but still played Path of Exile instead

  3. I haven't played Diablo 3 prior to Patch 2.0.1, I played Path of Exile instead. I liked the fact that PoE has huge talent tree, possible classless system but I utterly hated it when realized I must build my toon super tanky to play on harder difficulties. All those wonderful ability talent nodes with increased damage and special effects on abilities had to be avoided for the sake of those that offer tankyness.

    So, my and my friend dropped PoE and after about a month ago he bought Diablo 3 so I did the same. I really like the game. It is enjoyable for me especially it has not too steep difficulty curve and for a moment we mostly play on Torment 2. I really like that I can play my Wizard as Glass Cannon (as it should be normal for a Wizard or mage class) which is something I really can't in PoE.

    Again, I don't know how much Diablo 3 was fun or bad prior to 2.0.1 patch but I like it what it is now.

  4. Just played over 2 hours of RoS act 5. Pretty good overall game play and the loot is so much better. Can't wait to try the adventure mode.

  5. Should have mentioned "no more trading" as this will have a negative long term impact to the game.

  6. ros sadly sucks but you're still hot. connect from ny, latency spikes from 50-800,
    even when changing maps. guess they use servers for other games when people leave diablo 3 that's why they're not enough for ros customers right now. finish it in 6 hours and i feel empty.

    you should check out their forum. it's full of filth. when someone post something, people will jump right in, cussing at each other, bragging how good they're, how suck others are. it's like teen party. they just show off gears not realizing they play the same shit over and over and they need attention so bad. reading their posts is funnier than playing the actual game.

    gamespot is in the right direction to put you on the spot. i'm sick of their game vids without host but monotone voice of some fat game nerds. will it kill them just to put some emotions in it rather than do it perfunctory.

  7. If you bought this for the single player mode or story, you are going to have a bad time.

  8. Ok, so this is the first time i ever seen this girl, and by listening to her you can notice that her accent keeps changing. At the Beginning it sounds like a bad British accent, and then it turns into a bad Irish accent. The suddenly to switches to a normal American Accent. Her fake voices ruined the review…gawd she sux

  9. maybe its because im not a diablo 2 fan i started playing diablo during the diablo 3 release and ros its fun and stuff but for me if i dont have a pvp oriented game it gets boring eventually, ok i get the randomnes of the game thats fine but eventually it gets boring because of the randomnes sometimes its hard to see an actual progres

  10. CONSOLE! CONSOLE! Have been playing it on Pc but it runs so crappy because my rig sucks. Other than that, the game rocks!

  11. so what's the general player consensus? Do you guys like it to? I'm considering it.

  12. dont buy into the hype, the sad truth is that Reaper of Souls gets grindy very fast… faster than the game was pre Reaper of Souls.
    Blizz keeps making one bad decision after the other it seems, and one of the worst has been to remove trading from the game and make all the best gear bound to account! what a fuckup!
    thats how u really fuck the old Diablo fans right in the ass.
    gold has lost its meaning in the game and is now worthless. the only incentive for social play is to do the so called split bounty farming. but even that feels like a fucking grind very fast.

    there was nothing wrong with having an auction house. it was the real money auction house that was the problem and should never have been in the game in the first place. but getting rid of the entire auction house system and abolishing trading is really a hysterical overreaction from Blizz side.

    these last two days i have been using a bot… cause why not. i have found about 20+ legendaries which have made my stats increase by 10% in toughness but loose 5% in dps!… lol…what a joke.

    Blizz told us about several hundreds of hours of new content! …what hundreds of hours, when i am dead bored after less than 1 week of play?!

    u fooled me twice Blizzard.. see if u can fool me a third time!…lol

  13. THIS GAME BLOWS. I BEAT IT IN ONE DAY. THIS EXPANSION SUX AND COST WAY TOO MUCH. SHOULD HAVE COST 20 BUX LIKE DIABLO 2 EXPANSION WHICH BY THE WAY LASTED WAY LONGER. save ur money and buy a way better game. this is a disappointment. The ending sucked also 

  14. Add competitive ladder events and unique competitions and races. Basically turn it into path of exile and yeah its not gonna happen. That's why i'm sticking with POE! P.s The gem system in POE makes the gear truly unique. You can have a low level DPS weapon but because of slots and links your gonna keep using it despite finding a rare. Also the passive gem web makes it awesome. Diablo died in the 3rd installment. That said i'll probably still get it on PS4 coz my friends are gonna get it. I doubt i'll play it alone though, unlike POE!

  15. Diablo 2 is a good game. Diablo 3 is a good game. The Champions games on the ps2 were fantastic. They were one of my favorite games.

  16. Hey guys I want to buy reaper of souls for my ps4 but I want a game where I can play for countless hours… So my question can I spend at least 50 hours playing this game… Please respond

  17. as a d1,d2 fan NOTHING can save this little kids cartoonish piece of shit game

  18. Let's debunk this as the video plays shall we?
    4. Variation of play style based on items in the game: Therefor this basically means that, you cannot create your own build… Ever… The gear you find dictates how your character plays, if you want your build, prepare to be disappointed because you can't come up with a custom creative build anymore. Oh and regardless of what class you pick, 90% of your stat rerolling on items will be % element damage, % crit chance, and % crit damage, nothing else.
    3. Removal of the auction house, FANTASTIC! Turning an MMO into a single player farm fest… dumbest idea ever! Want to help a friend join you on reaper of souls by giving him items? Well… I sure hope your barbarian found some dex bows and rings to give him… I mean oh wait… You can't even trade legendary items…
    2. Bounties and Rifts are a good idea and a way to possibly add some end game content to a game… Except they totally fucked it up… Here is why. If you do a Torment 1 difficulty rift, it's relatively easy to clear, and you get about 40-60 bloodshards per clear. If you do torment 6, you get about 100 bloodshards but the quality of loot you can earn is… Well… Exactly the same as Torment 1. Yeah you have a higher likelyhood of getting a legendary or set item to drop but… If you're willing to ramp up the difficulty by roughly 1000%, shouldn't you get items that are roughly 1000% better than the ones you got on standard difficulty? Also not to mention that Greater Rifts, the rifts you work so hard to achieve keys for, don't have an even higher chance to yield legendary items. You actually can get more legendary items playing normal difficulty than playing greater rifts. The ONLY purpose to a greater rift is to level up a gem or go for leaderboard… Once you have a gem leveled up, greater rifts become useless.
    1. There is no loot chase in this game, you can literally gear out a toon in a weekend playing torment 1. Do enough rifts to max out blood shards and go to Kadala to get the items you haven't found. The new act was boring, the new randomized environments don't really matter… It isn't the environments that make diablo good… It's the reward of finding gear, becoming stronger, then tackling the harder parts of the game to get even better gear, but the fact that this game's end game starts and ends on Torment 1, and higher difficulty doesn't benefit anything, just kills the replayability of this game entirely within a week or 2.

    I was an avid Diablo fan until this game came out. I waited months for the release only to play it till level 60, then discover the loot pool was garbage, horribly implemented, and completely reliant on rares not legendaries. Yeah, they fixed that, but they didn't fix it well enough. Rares can still roll the same quality of stats as legendaries, the only thing that makes a legendary better are the few that have orange bonus ability text. Main issue, I found a legendary 1 handed sword on NORMAL mind you, because I was rushing the main campaign for the under an hour achievement. No less than an hour later, I found the same sword in a torment 5 rift.

    Normal Drop stats:
    17% Fire skill damage
    730 Str
    9% damage
    10,836 life on hit

    Torment 5 drop stats:
    15% Fire skill damage
    683 str
    5% attack speed
    Resource cost reduction 6%

    Yeah the stat rolls were not identical but, most of the rolls on the drop from Normal difficulty were well up on their rng quantity so that item is about 80% quality if not more. The drop from torment 5 is a guaranteed salvage… Unless you're looking for specific items, most of which you can roll from Kadala anyways… You won't be replacing anything you find on any difficulty by playing a harder difficulty. You won't get better gear grinding your way up to greater rift 30+.

    The idea of diablo 3 right now is… Make a character, gear farm for a weekend because that's all the longer it'll take you to get geared to the teeth, then grind for the leaderboard… Diablo is a fucking RPG not a god damned arcade game…. Take the leaderboard bullshit out and give us an actual end game where the gear quality scales with the difficulty or work we put into it.

    I've already sent a ticket to blizzard demanding a refund, I suggest the rest of you do too.

  19. Stop crying about Diablo 3 its way more better then rambo or CoD Ghosts,AW ,ride to hell,watch dogs and other shitty games 

  20. I bought the game a few days ago with the expansion, all for $20. I've stayed up til 3 in the morning for the past 2 days playing the first 4 acts, and I have to say I'm thoroughly satisfied with everything. Gameplay is smooth and fun, the dungeons, enemies, and the bosses were all a decent challenge, if not more. Also, the story was good enough for me. I must have come in at a good time

  21. Game was ok,but not really worth the 40 dollar price tag. Definitely not going to bother buying the next expansion. Blizzard definitely fucked up this game,and i can see the next diablo being just as bad if they decide to keep the d3 dev team. 

    Every topic on official forum and youtube videos what we see is much more negative coments than positive coments. Positive coments? dont exist!

    Lack of builds, very poor legendary design and others, primary and secondary skills horrible design….this game is really sux! 

  23. This game is better than Destiny, Cod AW, ESO, and really any game out right now after next gen consoles were released. Imo.

  24. I've got it. Still sucks.

    Just about every hack & slash out there has more substance, depth and is more fun and challenging than Diablo 3. The game is a fucking joke.

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