65% Winrate Highlander Hunter Deck Guide and Gameplay | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

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In Today’s video we play some Highlander Hunter! The new highlander hunter in ashes of outland is all about tempo and curving out. The new card Zixor, Apex predator is super fun and makes highlander hunter the best deck to get to legend! Okay that might be over exaggerating, but the decks fun so try it 🙂 This is a good Ashes of outland hunter deck, although demon hunter is still op after the demon hunter nerfs. This is a decent meta deck in hearthstone and a good way to get to legend quickly. — Enjoy the Highlander Hunter gameplay and guide, let me know if there are any decks you are looking forward to seeing!

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15 thoughts on “65% Winrate Highlander Hunter Deck Guide and Gameplay | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. That priest deck doesnt win by putting your health at 0 , it wins by sapping your soul and stealing all will to play the game, such a cancer deck oof, btw very nice hunter deck, any replacement for rotnest drake?

  2. I really don`t know wich deck to play…. I could play every Demon Hunter Deck or Rogue but those are pretty weak… I could Craft this Deck or Handlock… What do you think?

  3. i see a priest pop up as an opponent, I just want to quit and sometimes do. Taunt, taunt, taunt, taunt…forever. Boring as hell, even if you win and the games take forever.

  4. Perfect, I’ve been looking for a highlander hunter video for ashes of Outlands, and here we are! You seem like a great guy, earned a sub

  5. Ive been taking a break from hearstone, but watching youre videos is always good. (:

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