A Deck You Have Never Seen Before

There are almost 3.000 cards in the game in over 20 expansions but many see close to no play, what if we were to change that and play a bunch of cards that are usually not even remembered

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33 thoughts on “A Deck You Have Never Seen Before

  1. I played hearthstone for 5 years now and only now i realise that stablehand exists? I never seen it in my life lmao

  2. One thing he could do to vary things up is to run a deck with no clear win condition. Just have stuff with synergies like Beast Druid or something.

  3. Shallow gravedigger.

    A 3 drop deathrattle from KOFT that i have never seen except in my own decks.

    Might be interesting to see in a N'zoth shell? Lots of random outcomes there.

  4. Cairne Bloodhoof is my favorite card. He's not bad. But is never ran these days. I miss him.

  5. Noxious made a Gazlowe Priest back in the day (2014?). Maybe try a modern version of that. He's like a worse Lyra.

  6. Serpent ward is my favorite unplayable card, you could probably put it in a bad version of face hunter

  7. By far my favorite legendary is akali the rhino, I really love his flavor and how the card works, and would love to see like a rush warrior or Gali with a rush package

  8. My favorite bad card that I haven't seen in a deck is mischief maker, pretty cool idea "swap the top card of your deck with your opponent"

  9. I want to imagine his opponents reacting like "OMG IS THAT REALLY SOLEM?" and then he plays these absolutely forgotten cards and being like "nah, there's no way the REAL Solem would play this garbage."

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