A Hand Full of +4/+4 Demons! - Handlock | Standard | Hearthstone

Sponsored by Bushiroad, Download Here: https://bit.ly/2JhDzDD
The expansion officially released and Demon Hunters are everywhere! But do not worry — I crafted the perfect counter deck!

#vgzero #CardfightVanguard

Deck Code: AAECAf0GBsUEhKcD8KwD8awD7r8DtckDDKMBjQjECKGhA+WsA+usA+ysA+6sA4GxA4exA8e5A8i5AwA=


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45 thoughts on “A Hand Full of +4/+4 Demons! — Handlock | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. personally I love this deck, and I'm always rooting for it to do well

    that last game is unreal that he had full combo at 8 mana. gross.

  2. Meh, what is this… There is only one anime based card game and card based anime for me. And that's Yu-Gi-Oh!
    It's TIME to duel!

  3. The DH would have really struggled against the first buffed twilight drake. But alas, he wouldn't be mayor of value town if he picked tempo over unnecessary greed.

  4. it's cool that bushi supported you
    but don't play VG Zero though, this shit is worse than RAID, not even close to Duel Links even if that game is not good to say the least
    it will be a huge disappointment for anyone who played real TCG and will ruin first expression for anyone new to the game :c

  5. hotline playing in the beginning to indicate he's about to hurt people

  6. Love me some Trump laboratories. How about Trump University for the Teachings videos?? That seems like a very appropriate name

  7. Is no one going to talk about Trump missing the easiest lethal of his life at 8:25???
    Just dead on the board, decides to trade, true trump fashion

  8. Hotline Miami OST in the background at the start of the video, i'm already in love

  9. This is the only time I have seen a Trump comment section that isn't just bullying blizzard.

  10. 8:34 WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST WIN? 16+14=30?!
    edit: I might not have noticed the "cant attack heroes" tag.

  11. 08:24
    Trump: i win in 2 turns anyway
    My head: you have 30 damage on board what are you talking about,don't you dare miss such obvious lethal

  12. Deal 14 damage and halve my opponent's hp or kill a 1/1 when I have 2 taunts?
    Trump: hmmmmmm

  13. I'm so amazed he did a Cardfight vanguard zero ad!! I've been playing vanguard for years and so glad there's a mobile game for it! Happy to see he's playing it, even if its just for ads

  14. Can the unofficial hearthstone lore be that the primes are the stands of their respective classes?

  15. Inner demon is like Leeroy on devil steroid, you never feel safe under 15 health.

  16. I have an interesting deck I made in my own laboratory. Recurring Villain Libram paladin. Funnily enough, I'm almost at legend with it.

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