Aluneth and Hakkar OTK Combo! What Could Go WRONG?! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Freeze Mage OTK combo deck is to use Aluneth combined with Hakkar the Soulflayer! We do this by equipping Aluneth, playing Augmented Elekk, Drakkari Enchanter, and Violet Illusionist. Then, we shuffle a Corrupted Blood in our deck via Hakkar for the OTK! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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38 thoughts on “Aluneth and Hakkar OTK Combo! What Could Go WRONG?! | Hearthstone

  1. Skipping even one turn, you could Togwaggle your opponent to death easily and quickly

  2. sunglitters when she shuffles 371 Corrupted Bloods into her deck: "my deck is huge and my bloods too"

  3. Speedrun the fastest game ever in hearthstone. Good luck… (has to be high rank so that u cant be mean to new ppl xd xd)

  4. Luckily for you, he didnt know weaponing hakaar was lethal for him. Epic as always

  5. So I think that's pretty much it for the deck intro this time guys, I tried this combo for a number of different ways, with elekk, without elekk, with a completely empty deck, with a near empty deck and the result was pretty much all the same, so best of luck to you and thanks so much for watching.

    Ooc: Does anyone know what day it is I think it's 9-8 but I'm not sure still gonna call this 8th

  6. I remember when hakkar first came out. My opponent played evasion and I played violet illsionest. The game lasted 4 hours after that.

  7. I had an opponent do this in warlock a month ago. I happened to be playing infinite armor ice cream shaman which uses the same trick, so i saw what was up and restarted. I friended them after and we spent a while playing combo decks.

  8. I remember you trying out this combo a bunch of different ways in the stream! With elekk, without elekk, with reconnect, without reconnect, truly an experiment 😛

  9. Hey Mark,
    thought about a Hunter OTK combo, dont know if you already did something like that.
    If not would be interresting if you would try it.
    Step 0.5: Have the Hunter Quest "Toxic Reinforcements" on lvl 2, so you have to hero power once to summon 3 Lepra Gnomes
    Actual OTK:
    Step 1: Play Umbra and Necromechanic
    Step 2: Play 2 Lepra Gnomes from hand
    Step 3: Hero Power, so you summon the 3 Lepra Gnomes from Toxic Reinforcements
    Step 4: Play Feign Deaths untill your enemy is hopefully dead
    max dmg output should be at 62dmg, am I right?! 😀

  10. They should make a card with mark on it, but they missed their chance during the boomsday expansion, it should have been markmckz mad scientist!

  11. I may have been MIA from twitch for a while, but i watch every YouTube video you upload with adblock disabled 🙂 never stop doin what you do mark 👍🏻

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