An Actually Good Pogo Build This Time | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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35 thoughts on “An Actually Good Pogo Build This Time | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. This is why I subscribed, like an hour ago, for Pogocontent! 😀 and you also have a very entertaining personality and also Pogos!

  2. There are generally 3 builds for level 2 pogos. It all depends on your first triple options. There's cobalt refresh, there's crowd favorite battlecries, and there's menagerie.

    If you can't swing any of those, you can yolo Zerys, or take whatever might keep you alive as you roll for pogos. Trippling bombs, spawn, or selfless is actually a decent strat too, to look for cobalt or zerys.

    I would say you want 2 gold pogos minimum before you level

  3. Dog please stop baiting me into pogos :'( Pogos = -100sr for me everytime

  4. Assuming what I found on Google was correct, the odds of rolling a Pogo at each tier are:

    Tier 2: 11.99%
    Tier 3: 8.03%
    Tier 4: 8.06%
    Tier 5: 7.04%
    Tier 6: 7.83%

  5. I know the first triple pogo is big at that stage. But why not sell it anyways to increase the changes of getting another, bigger triple? Go for the hangry and hope for the best with the triple rat?

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