Anger Within - Heaven

Anger Within — Heaven (Lost Path album)

Lyrics :

They do what they are expected to do
They are watching TV the whole day
They use drugs , get drunk and fuck around
They live the way of life that you call decay

To be up to date for them is a must
Their magazines show them
What they do is OK
So they worry if they dont look
Like their TV stars
Or if they cannot encourage
Themselves to be gay

The world we talk about
Is not so far away
It´s all around your house
The little girl of your neighbour
Was raped tonight
So how long will you keep
shut your mouth ?

This world so untrue heaven for the few
Not for us
A decadent paradise
That you compromise
Isn´t that worth more fuss ?

Cheated by media you gave up to think
But it isn´t that difficult to find the link
Between the plans they wrote down
So many years ago
And the state of human minds
That is now so low

See the link
Their ship of lies
has to sink
Quit the new style
Finish the with a smile


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