Attack on Hearthstone

The overpowered Dr. Boom strikes again. With a vengeance.

Headphone warning!

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42 thoughts on “Attack on Hearthstone

  1. Best nerf idea I've heard is to make the boom bots hit any random character, not just enemy. It would make the card well balanced, still playable, and more fun to play.

  2. The only thing missing was the boom bot cards flipping end over end as they fly through the air and hit the ground. Add that simple effect and this masterpiece is complete 😛

  3. Nice Video, but i would had loved it if the boom Bots that landen every where also had that -3 -4 -2 -1 bubles.

  4. Seriously! He's a legendary for a reason!!!! Dr.Boom himself has exactly the same stats as a War Golem, but then has the two boom bots! Thats what makes him legendary. Stop complaining!

  5. If you dont have dr boom, play a war golem and 2 le wisp, its the same
    and when one wisp die, make this sounds with your mouth 0:50

  6. It's absolutely retarded that the 1/1 bots can do up to 4 damage after hitting, that's 5 damage per bot. What a joke, Blizzard doesn't even give a shit and just lets it be.

  7. Awesome. In current Standard this would probably be the shaman faceless, but how can we ever forget Dr. 7?

  8. Obliterated:
    Warsong Commander
    Yogg- Saron
    Blade Furry
    Starving Buzzard
    Tinkmaster Overspark
    Force of Nature

    Big Game Hunter
    Knife Juggler
    Molten Giant
    Leeroy Jenkins
    Blizzard/ Cone of Cold/ Frost Nova
    Twillight Drake
    Edwin Van Cleef

    Still wreaking havoc on the meta:
    Dr. Boom
    Flamewreathed Faceless
    Mysterious Challenger
    Power Overwhelming
    Tunnel Trogg
    Mana Wyrm
    Firelands Portal
    Purify (blizzard pls nerf to 4 mana)
    Unleash the Hounds
    N Zoth

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