BlizzCon 2013 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Open Q&A Panel

The Diablo 3 develoment team take questions from the show floor.

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24 thoughts on “BlizzCon 2013 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Open Q&A Panel

  1. YOu know what would be fucking cool to see … synergies of some certain skill rune types

  2. they should give us a space in the game, like a separate room in tristram, where we can deposit our items on multiple placeholder dummys. kind of like the samurai placed their armor sets during peace times. this way we can hold onto and display our items without using up bagspace,

  3. they took out the crit rage regen "battle rage" skill rune for barbar in ros, barbar will struggle at rage in ros

  4. i hate the guys who kept bitching about damage as a stat to go buy… its fun to see your damage work for your build… control issues much

  5. WoW, do everyone in the room have inter-social problems O.o. Everyone looked like they were about to start running off when talking xD

  6. it would be awesome if you can craft the items that you salvage not only the ones that are available when you lvl up the blacksmith i mean if i salvage a manticore i should be able to craft a new one

  7. and would be awesome to add alitle more customization to our char like idk maibe facechanges or haircuts or skin collors etc 

  8. What is up with the audio towards the 4th part of the video… microphones cutting in and out ect..

  9. The way some of these questions were answered. I wondered "do you even play your own fucking game?". Like with mp 10 characters going into reaper of souls. If you had a character like that you could absolutely face roll that game to an extent. And that guy who says he thinks its a shame that people focus on damage. Is their anything more important than killing quickly? Uh no.

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