Carried By The ONE And ONLY BATTLEMASTER | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1472

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Carried By The ONE And ONLY BATTLEMASTER | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1472

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ES_Bye Bye Medina — Alexandra Woodward
ES_Home Citylights — Shiver Disk
ES_Pick Up Your Banjo — Stationary Sign
ES_Six Little Boys — Alexandra Woodward
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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48 thoughts on “Carried By The ONE And ONLY BATTLEMASTER | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1472

  1. 10:05 Oh heck no. He is perfect as he is. Just bc he is special doesn’t mean he needs to be treated differently.

  2. Quests are probably my favorite cards in Hearthstone. But putting them in every set is a little much. Maybe ever other set

  3. New quests every expansion might be a bit much to keep track of. I'd say there should always be at least 1 quest for each in standard at any time though.

  4. I personally love quests, my favorite decks to play usually, I think one set of quests per season, like season of the dragon season of the raven etc. all have quests

  5. Demon hunter quests would be nice, like a "Use your hero power 5 times " Reward: Take 20 damage to your hero"

  6. Kinda don't like the plug for the other channel right after a clip, just plug it at the beginning or end.

  7. Maybe one quest each rotation, or more likely one per year. Having one each expansion prevents many classes from having an identity outside of quests, not mention they’d probably run out of things for each class to focus on in their quests if they did one per expansion.

  8. Just every 2 years, like they seem to be doing. Sidequests I'd like to see a whole lot more of, though.

  9. Every expansion definitely not. I think they'd run out of good ideas pretty quickly. But once a year or two yeah.
    One quest for a lucky class each expansion could be good too, but I'm much more interested in them printing new hero cards.

  10. Demon hunter quest: attack 5 times with your hero. Reward: reduces the cost of your cards by 2 (wherever they be). Or Reward: outcast is working always, no matter on which position card is

  11. I dont have dist to craft all these must have cards. So no, no new q for all classes per exp.

  12. I think it could be fun to have a quest every two years so that they are there, but málso maybe tone the power level down a little on some.

  13. I don't think quests each expansion is a good idea, but definitely the occasional quest is nice

  14. I think a set of quests every few expansions but new side quests should be added every expansion in relevance to its theme

  15. At 5 minute you can see why quest mage is the most braindead deck of the game and should be nerfed for the safety of ppl sanity

  16. Can you Please stop showing solem clips, we get it … he plays wild decks.

  17. What I would love is at least one card that discovers a quest/side-quest, preferably a rogue card that discovers a quest of a different class.

  18. Quest cards give very interesting archetipes, but having too much can limit creativity in deckbuilding and make the meta super predictable. For me they'e great if they're released once every two years.

  19. DH change/nerf ideas:
    Make Altruis much bigger. If he was a 7 mana 7/6 or something similar it would be harder to combo and own your opponent in one turn.
    Antaen is still far too big for its effect and stats together. Either nerf its stats to like 6/5 and give it Taunt or make it only do 5-6 damage.
    Priestess would be strong at 8 mana. Make it so.
    Skull of Guldan without outcast is half a nourish, which is already strong. Make it cost 1 more to outcast, but still 6 to do normally.
    Kayn would be strong at 5 mana. Make it so.
    Spectral sight should be removed. It provides cheap card draw for what is, essentially, an aggro/extreme tempo class.

  20. It would be nice if there were one series of quests available per Standard rotation. I don't think we'll need any more than that, though.

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