CRAZY NEW DUAL-CLASS LEGENDARY!! Gandling & Lilian & More! | Scholomance Review #5 | Hearthstone

A bunch of new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed, including two new legendaries! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

Quick Reviews: 16:26

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #5


36 thoughts on “CRAZY NEW DUAL-CLASS LEGENDARY!! Gandling & Lilian & More! | Scholomance Review #5 | Hearthstone

  1. Gandling: 1 star card for Priest
    3 stars card for Warlock.

    Lillian: Is a good card in Tempo rogue decks, I say 3 stars only because I don't think people will craft it.

    Steeldancer: Is a 1 star card. If you want it to summon a good minion you would have have a big weapon and usually the way you get a big weapon is to make a deck specifically for that, and even if there was a big deck (i.e Kingsbane or Old Oil Rogue Deck) it wouldn't see play + Steeldancer is an epic.

    Cycle of Hatred: I doubt this card will see play. Won't the 7 mana 4/3 cleave weapon be a better choice? 2 star card and if it does see play it will be a one of.

    Brittlebone Destroyer: 5 star card without hesitation, minions with hard removal almost always see play. It doesn't have the targeting limitation like removal spells. (unable to kill minions with the "Can't be targeted by spell or HP" text).

    Boneweb Egg: 4 star card. It should find a home in egg or zoo decks.

  2. but regis……flamestrike costs the same mana as cycle of hatred and does one extra damage…..cycle of hatred summons 3/3s which imo is better than the +1 damage if you are running it in a deck that can make use of the minion part.

  3. I think Cycle of Hatred will turn out far, far more oppressive than it's being given credit for. Might be expansive, but DH's have ways of dealing with that, and even if hardcast, the effect and upside is insane. Very strong and shouldn't be underestimated.

  4. hmm I would have thought galakrond's claw would have at least deserved a mention in relation to steeldancer, even if it probably be included in the decklists.

  5. I generally agree with your consensus; but there is something to be said for the egg and for Gandling.

    In regards to the egg I am leaning more towards it seeing play in zoo precisely because the free upside enables things like soulfire more by nature of having it. A warlock hits this off a soul fire randomly in zoo and suddenly 4 extra damage is represented out of no where.

    For the other one I think if its in hand you will see it slammed down on 4. Water Elemental stars are soo good

  6. I have a feeling Disciplinarian Gandling is gonna be like Dark Pharaoh Tekahn and look very promising but then not really working out in many archetypes. But he for sure looks cool!

  7. Cmon Blizzard throw some Paladin stuff. This expansion just screams "BOOKS!! for Libram Pally" but we didn't see any library yet. :")

  8. i like how they are giving rogue a new legendary deathrattle ever expation.

  9. I mean if you're facing an empty board and she's able to attack, I see a potential 8 damage face breakpoint (maybe lethal, who knows) via backstab.

  10. I don't think cycle of hatred is a bad card at all. Can easily be reduced to 4 cost with the skull of guldan

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