Dark Souls - Menu Theme (+Download Link)

Download Link

For everyone that desperately needs the menu theme of Dark Souls. 😀

I for my self searched the whole internet but wouldn’t find it. So I did what every gamer would do in this kinda situation. First i cryed and complained, but then I started to solve the problem! 😀


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36 thoughts on “Dark Souls — Menu Theme (+Download Link)

  1. Every Dark Souls has his hero
    Dark Souls 1 has Artorias the Abysswalker
    Dark Souls 2 has Gren the Ivory King
    Dark Souls 3 has Gael the Slave Knight

  2. I think this song personifies what separates DS1 from the later games. It's world is lonely, subdued, almost tranquil if not for all the hollows and the demons roaming around. Felt more like the reality of a kingdom that had simply faded away. DS2 felt much more high fantasy and typically video-gamey, and DS3's world is a whole lot more violent, the universe is wishing for an end, it's basically the Big Crunch.

  3. When i first played this i picked the thief class because i thought it would be like skyrim xd

  4. I Remember loading up the game for the first time and hearing this music. Takes me back to the good ol MMO RPG game music, but this, this was so much better

  5. Me listening in Zen mode whilst creating the disgusting abomination I am about to play as

  6. I'm not a music theory pro or something, but if you listen closely you can hear the chord changes in Gwyn's theme, when it goes from A minor to E minor, then to D minor. It's like the game's telling that even though you link the fire or become the Dark Lord, nothing will be different ,sometime in the future of that world, from when you began the journey as the Chosen Undead.

  7. I've only recently started this game and i now know that you're forced to be alone in a world you have no power over. You die and you die until you almost give up until that last spark of hope lights a forest ablaze and sends you off to the rest of the game. the title menu just reminds you there's peace elsewhere

  8. Dark souls is not only a punitive and hard game , it's also an amazing journey into a dark world full of poetry and mystery to discover.
    The Souls are probably the best games of all time.

  9. I cant down with this nearly as much as Nameless Song and the Firelink theme, this is just 11 notes repeated

  10. I’m hearing this after killing the Iron Golem and finding my way through Ando Londo, maybe about a 5th through the game, and yet this still reminds me of how far your character goes in this game.

  11. I'm pretty shit at Dark Souls. I can't deal with every boss in Demon Ruins & Lost Izalith, and I can't parry for shit. The reason I come back and try harder is to just finish the boss and hear the soothing sounds of a bonfire simply telling me : "It's okay, you will overcome the darkness and overcome the odds of all that stands against you."

  12. I finished the game this week and I want to say how special it’s become for me. In a world so vast and brutal and merciless, there’s an essence of hope that lingers in the beautiful landscape. It’s incredible how everything we did in Dark Souls amounted to very little lore-wise as in Dark Souls 3 one way or another we have to face the end. But the journey to the end was an odyssey and a true journey of the ages. It’s not a difficult and worrying game, it’s beautifully crafted with an undertone of peace. Every single NPC character is searching for it and when you reach the end of the game, so do you. I don’t know how I can capture my emotions this game has conjured but I read a quote that describes it perfectly: this land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind.

  13. Wish I could boot this game up again, without any knowledge or experience… The wonder and mystique really make this game a true master piece

  14. This is called a moment’s peace on Spotify if anyone is looking for it

  15. years listening to this and I can never get enough of it. The piano loop and the distant clangs, chants and bell tolls in the background, just gorgeous…

  16. The nostalgia this gives me almost makes me want to cry, but instead, I'll take this journey again for old times sake.

  17. Gives me a feeling of serenity, similarly to the RE1 save room theme. In fact, they share the same starting chord, but here it's a bit higher. Love it.

  18. A beautiful masterpiece. The greatest fantasy game ever made. The Ultimate From Software adventure!

  19. Oh to go back in time and play this game for the first time again…

  20. I think where I draw my fun from dark souls is the fear of what’s around any corner. Is it an ambush an item an epic boss that will take me days to kill? But my favourite is finding the warmth of a bonfire.knowing, in my heart, I can take that piss now. Finger But hole my friends.:)

  21. I wanna play dark souls but I get angry really easily and might never be able to finish it

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