Diablo 2 - Budget WW Barbarian Build

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44 thoughts on “Diablo 2 — Budget WW Barbarian Build

  1. I've read alot about WW not being viable after some hotfix? Are they still working and what's the best weapon for a godly build? Warpikes?

  2. nice video-tutorial etc, etc, but before to enter to Chaos Sanc type "/players8" 10 times and kill ALL monster. I bet you that you will not survive (with no portals and no runeaways)

  3. better use insight for ww because of the huge bonus to atck rating and the meditation aura and 2 wizspike on swap with a mf build for find item skill, max ur shout and battle order to boost ur merc wearing reaper toll treachery guillaume or andy , use terror or warcry to help ur merc with crowd control or make a harmony bow for an act 1 merc for mov speed if u want to farm public runs with 8 players in it

  4. Lolgrief and runewords. Real men use eth death cleavers with highlords

  5. I haven't played in years, started in 1.08 patch. But did health get a nerf? I remember barbs having atleast 6-7k health with Bo.

  6. you better remake that build kid
    a good ww barb at that lvl would have already 4k-5k hp
    your hp its a joke for barbs

  7. Damage on the two swords: 78+91 to 397+468 = 169 to 865 or 517 avg

    Damage on the better rolled sword with 2h: 342 to 739 or 540 avg

    @Dbrunkski125 why are you using both swords instead just the better one?

  8. Lol "don't be that guy" that WW in a straight line back and forth.
    If this is single player though, it is impossible to get good items.

  9. "No high runes, guys!" Shows 2 Mal Runes Albeit Mal is fairly easy to get, and with 2 you are 1 away from making grief. You should use 2 Ravenfrosts for AR. Soul Drainers are best for life/mana leech and not incredibly rare. Upped Sting of ears is godly as well for more life leech, since Optimally you wanna run Beast+Grief. 1 Ber is pretty easy to get from p8 lower Kurast runs even if you have to cube them with Sur's. I've found Ber Rune 5 times outright from these super chests and probably 8 Sur Runes in about 400 hours total. Even found Lo a few times. Also countless Gul, Mal, Ist, and Vex runes. I think I found about 60-70 Runes higher than Mal in that time from Kurast chests alone. Enough to cube a Zod almost twice 😛 should take no more than a week of farming a couple hours everyday to get Ber or close to it

  10. Holy crap? I loved this game!
    I remember going ham against a bunch of pvp'ers who just went berserk on each other and spammed a ton of ice orbs at them.

  11. Before Oath swords my alternative was to reset act 3 vendor for cruel colossus blade of quickness, larzuk and shael it. For the vendor to sell that sword it took me couple of hours of resetting.

  12. I can simply disagree with the parts about attack speed, because with the RIGHT weapons and the RIGHT parts, coupled with a non battle orders proactive WARCRY/demo shout build and global aoe debuffs casted by necros sorces and paladins, the attack speed whirlwind build can and has worked before. Take my advice for it. My group back in the day was the very top of the elitists and we KNOW things like this. Just because it has not happened in a long time, does not mean it cannot work in game ever again. First off you need PERFECT ED% ebotd cbs and it has to be collosus blades to get the reach you need. 2nd is you need movement AND attack speed. But enough about that. You do you. I am simply putting it out there that just because its outside of the current player bases knowledge cap, doesn't mean it cannot work. Mind you we had a player clan of 10-15 people and that includes the newbs. The curse necro would amp damage, while I would warcry demo shout (demoralizing shout and delierium would cause monsters to flee for a short period of time, allowing me to heal up through dracs by using stun. it was a stun wind build. and yes you max whirlwind absolutely. in this build.) If you have any questions about the builds used I would be happy to answer them. I am not knocking you or the videos you make due to the fact I enjoy your content, but please do not knock people for playing a game and we end up talking to a brick wall because it is outside of peoples known skill level to play at the TOP eschelon of diablo 2. No one is in the wrong here just try to not be so critical with your words please. IAS! It's a very touchy subject.

  13. i dont understand saying verdungo would be good too but i think for pvm string of ears is better? they both have damage reduction but verdungo has extra vitality so its just better? and its "your opinion" i understand someone can have an opinion but its litreally worse belt than verdungo.

  14. If you have other sources of lifesteal verdungos is better than string of ears. Barbarians gain twice as many hit points per vitality. Near the begging of the video you were lamenting how many stat points you had to divert from vtiality pool, verdungos gives up to 40 vitality points, that's 160 hit points. but only 80 for a sorc. If its not BiS for a Barbarian its not BiS for anyone.

  15. hi! i watched one of your video were you have a lot of space in your chest. How is it possible? are you using a moded game? thx

  16. If you hold down your show loot key "ALT" ull be able to do ww much easier without thinking of hitting behind the mob. Funny how you didnt utilized that 🙂 Also if you procc concentrate attack before ww'ing ull be doing a ww with double the movespeed.

  17. Meanwhile here is my budget WW barb using uped bloodletter swords and duriels shell and a manald heal ring lol

  18. Arreat cham, angelic combo, dualleech ring, gore, loh, botd+beast ba, eni, bo sticks, dungo
    No merc
    Thank me later

  19. I'd like to thank you for this informative video as it's also understandable to a newcomer (old guy playing D2 once again since its release). Ah, yes. These were magical times…

  20. Whirlwind barb wants to be decrep-ed frozen and slow! The slower he goes trough the enemies the more hits he lands and the quicker he kills em. Can you make a throwing barb? 😀

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