26 thoughts on “Diablo 2 — How To Install on Android [EASY]

  1. I'm playing 1.14d on an Alcatel idealxcite. I'm going to be downgrading to 1.13 just to use PluggY mod but saying later versions don't work is false. Also if you use multilin o keyboard you can customize keyboard layout to have access to the F1‐F9 keys. if you use screen rotation app you can force game into a handheld gameboyesque like playstyle using aluminum controls for full screen.

  2. if you use magnesium controls you can show items on the ground by binding ingame controls show items to magnesiums outgame control run key. just make sure to untoggle run key after looting as it makes selecting chests crates boxes and monsters unselectable.

  3. please help me.. mine says systemserver.exe encountered an error.. is there a way to fix that?

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