Diablo 2 in 2017



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21 thoughts on “Diablo 2 in 2017

  1. Can confirm D2 is still awesome in 2019. Preferrably with PlugY or similar mods, though.

  2. Yup. bots ruined this game. I stopped palying d2 when it started happening that you could Play whole day and never meet another person because every game you make its instantly full of bots thatr keeps replacing each other and making game witohut password makes it impossible to join aND IF YOU PUT PASSWORD NOBODY WILL JOIN :X

  3. I started playing D2 again in May of 2019 after more than 10 years. It's still awesome!!

  4. I played D 2 first vers. 107. When LOD came out with runes I was clueless. I played it using random runes as weapon boosters. Is there a way to do a series of videos teaching us rune builds going from 1-99? I do take notes on other videos you have released but after being for almost 15 years I am way behind the current rune words that I never used before. And thank you for all you do. I really appreciate experts like helping formerly good payer reduced to noobs b by the current 1.14 vers.

  5. The JSP thing is the most surprising to me but makes sense. I just Hope you don’t need a credit card.

  6. I think the boys are guys seeing up online stores where you can buy gear, runes and even pre-rushed classes. I remember them being a rampant part of D2 battlenet.

    These guys made a lot of my build possible. I mean, after my first couple of builds and proving to myself I could achieve some of these high level runewords on my order and via in game trading, I finally caved and paid real money for D2 gear. That's how hooked I was. In fact, Diablo 2 is the only game I've ever paid real money for in game equipment.

  7. Anyone remember when shaftstop and vamp gaze were the standard for zon and pally 😂

  8. Did they update the graphics of diablo 2? I just installed it from my old cds and realised how old it looks. I installed the latest patch and it looks better, like the texture resolution was higher or something

  9. I would have to disagree with the trading aspect, I feel like that's what made everyone motivated for the grind in LOD. You'd get a pally GC and would want a Griffon or something, it really made the barter system fun instead of flat out "gold".

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