Diablo 2 - Players X Command Explained

Why or how I use this command is a frequently asked question on my Diablo 2 streams so I thought I would make a video about it.

Lower Kurast Guide

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26 thoughts on “Diablo 2 — Players X Command Explained

  1. when you do this command doesnt it say at the end is now X for example "players are now 6"?
    because when i do this it just shows up as chat but monsters doesnt seem to have more hp

  2. It says "Players set to 8" but none of the enemies seem to be affected, they all die just as easily as normal, please tell me what im doing wrong

  3. Hi! sorry for my English but i have a question. I play PLUGY 11.02 whit D2 1,13D and is it normal that a found nothing good whit my Sorc lvl88 and 350% mf? And i do alot of kurast run and i found 2 vez in maybe 200 runs. Is it normal?

  4. so if i get Baal to low hp on players1 and then do players3 and finish him, he will drop players1 loot? i have to do players3 and restart the game for Baal to be players 3?

  5. Version 1.03 is my baby for spearazons that is the version that made me try every form of spearazon. For every other version of the game after that..

    I had this really fast amazing pike with ice blink.. They changed ice blink after 1.03 and that messed my build up.. it killed it… I do not know if it is possible in 1.03 but is there anyway to play single player with the difficulty and rewards like there were more players in the game?…

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