Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls 2.1 Goblin Treasure Vault Greed Realm Guide

Tips and how to for the goblin treasure vault, aka Greed’s domain, in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls patch 2.1.

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40 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls 2.1 Goblin Treasure Vault Greed Realm Guide

  1. I got into the vault the other day for the first time I got 10 million gold from the environment and using the legendary gem from the vault in total i've made about 100m gold feels good man

  2. Soo yesterday I founded the vault location when I killed the goblin,and I was shocked you can find millions of golds,MOTHER OF THE GOD!!! THIS IS THE BEST LEVEL AND THE GAME EVER MADE IN 2012. 10/10 YAAAAAAYYYYY!😂😂😃😃

  3. today after a month or two i have become a lv61 barbaric warrior and i killed a demonlord and got a legendary ring that gives you a treasure goblin that is a pet and when he picks up 16 commen weapons it gives you a rare and a chance to win a legendary weapon so what im say i is that u made a video with goblins and i got a new ring that gives you a goblin so lol and thx for making the video

  4. I know this is an old vid, but I have a question. I have the old puzzle rings and they occasionally spawn treasure goblins, can those goblins trigger the vault? (also I'm sure everyone knows this but just in case, if you get a new puzzle ring bring it to the kanai cube for a free trip to the vault)

  5. don't forget people, you can put a puzzle ring in the cube and it will open a portal.

  6. Can you make your ugly face thumbnail smaller please? it takes SOOO much away from the video.

  7. I got extremely lucky lol….before I hit level 70, found a puzzle ring just going through the story. by the time I was 70 the ring was outdated and I no longer used it. Well I just got kanais cube and realized I could sacrifice the ring to it and that's how I first found out the vault even existed haha. THE VERY NEXT DAY just going through farming for the falcon wings not giving a hoot about treasure goblins or anything, I come across one on my route through the gardens of hop and I drop that sucker so fast he forgot to close the portal when he died and I got another shot at the vault! haha haven't seen it since but I was so excited

  8. I accidentally found this level when i killed a random treasure goblin and i was so excited that i killed baronnes too quickly. It was awesome though. Also when i killed a treasure goblin in the vault he dropped cultist page 5 but when i picked it up i didn't have it in my inventory,that's strange.

  9. A couple nights ago I was farming bounties when a treasure goblin appeared. I chased it around, killed it, then my screen went black and I thought the game had crashed. I alt+tabbed out and hovered my mouse over the taskbar to close the client, but the preview window popped up and I saw the game was running so I opened it back up to find myself in a completely different level. I had no idea what was happening but I made 10 million gold so I was cool with it. Only later when I googled "The Vault D3" did I realize that I must have clicked on the portal before its model loaded.

  10. I didn't know goblin portals were a thing, i accidently clicked the portal after killing a random goblin. Got around 15-16mil in 10 minutes with my barb. torment II

  11. I didnt know about the vault. I killed a goblin then i understood what was going on. And miraculously, after exiting my 1st vault, ive found the second one on my 1st goblin. 2 vaults in 10 mins 😀

  12. Proud of you…My other channel is at 50,000 subs but when I had 10,000 YOU had 3,000 Kinda crazy great job my friend

  13. I found the same way and blew my mind what game it just keeps on giving! Have played all Characters and if have do have to go through all campaigns with each chacters

  14. I play Diablo 3 with my girlfriend. We bought it like a week ago. She was playing on the computer and I took the laptop to watch some Diablo guides and stuff. While watching this she screamed "the portal opened! the one the guy is taking about!" Nice coincidance 😉

  15. Hey Rhykker love the vids also i know you play on pc I'm on Xbox i had the treasurer portal spawn on my first treasure goblin wow it was awsome thanx also i would like to know what's the best way to get the angry chicken armor set or is it hellstooth thanx again

  16. Comon' Rhykker, we all know why you chose the core of arreat to farm for countless hours…

    it was the 8008iez, the succubuses 8008135.

  17. Yesterday i had 10 treasure goblins all spawn in a big circle on torment 10 difficulty. No vault this time though. How rare is that? Recorded it for proof lol. 2+ years of Diablo playing and it only happened the one time

  18. Got this realm spawn twice farming for the gibbering gemstone inside of the Caverns of frost. I farmed for like 3 hours, found Chiltara 6 times…no gibbering gemstone but at least there were tons of goblins.

  19. I didn't even know there was a realm I was just playing as a witch doctor fighting stuff and ask for next thing I knew a treasure Goblin well now I didn't know treasure Goblin guide then I was like wait what I can jump into a treasure Goblin portal now then I jumped into its portal I was surprised to see a boss greed I was like😐

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