Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Farming Legendary Items (How to Guide, 2.0.4, Most Legs per Hour)

How to farm the most legendary items per hour possible in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls patch 2.0.4
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29 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls — Farming Legendary Items (How to Guide, 2.0.4, Most Legs per Hour)

  1. Rhyker would joining a friend who can handle t6 easily be as efficient?

  2. WoW over 225,000 views nice good job dude glad to see your channel taking off.  Keep at it!  🙂 One thing people can try to get ALL the legendary gems and alot of legendaries to start is to manipulate a Greater Rift by doing badly, essentially go in kill everything spawn the rift boss then leave and do NOT kill the rift boss until there is 4.30s left or less. This ensures that your Level 1 Greater Rift stone does not 'skip' levels and you end up with a level 2. And to get a Level 1 Greater Rift stone, simply go into the trail then leave essentially failing it (who cares). The goal here is to manipulate the greater rift to get what you want 1. all the legendary gems in 1 session and 2. alot of legendary drops guarranteeed from the rift boss which does happen. I have seen 2 or 3 legendaries + a legendary gem from these low level greater rifts. So after level 1 is done, go do the level 2, level 3, level 4 etc again never killing the rift boss unless 4.30s is left on the timer (using a secondary timer or going off to do a bounty or something while waiting is a good way to be even more efficient). Yes, its slow its boring but you do ensure getting as many as 20 or 25 maybe levels and 25 chances at legendaries also getting ALL the legendary gems in one shot. I call this 0-grifting because you encourage yourself to do badly and reap the rewards thus.

  3. I've been stuck with same gear for some time now. I decided to do campaign in torment, and i only got at most 5 legendary items. Only one item was good. Very disappointing. I had been doing rifts previously but i would keep getting the same drops. Then today i did three runs and nothing lol. I was life wtf especially after one of the rifts I got to kill 7 goblins out of like 11 and the boss.

  4. does class specific sets still only drop in T1 or higher? last i check you dont want to farm anything below T1 because you dont get class sets in master mode and below.

  5. +Rhykker , i recently started Diablo 3 and i can't go into Torment X to farm for legendaries. What should i do?

  6. hey man, i just wanted to say that your videos are awesome, and your voice is like butter. i always thought id want morgan freeman to narrate my life, until i watched one of your vids. that is all.

  7. I got like, 6 legs on one rift. Also, just search bodies, chests, and barrels. I got a cinder coat from a dead body, as well as a restraint ring from a barrel, or maybe I'm just lucky :p

  8. So I'm trying to get an Ancient Corrupted Ashbringer, am I best off playing Rifts on Normal or Greater Rifts on Torment 1?

  9. Please advise, From what i am hearing, it is better to play at a lower T level in rifts to improve efficiency, which would ultimately lead to more drops per hour? My understanding is that the higher the level the better the drop, all-be-it, not necessarily the higher the rate of drop. Further if for example a player can do a T6 Rift in 5 mins, than should that be the proper setting for farming legendary items? Or by my initial point should the player just play at a T1 setting?
    Thank You!

  10. I certainly came back to diablo 3 at the right moment, hearing you say "only the most hardcore players will complete sets" made me cringe. I bought the game back in 2012 when it was released but could never really get into it and found the auction house ridiculous .. now I recently started playing again and it's at its best IMHO. Finding and completing sets isn't a hard thing anymore and it's much more casual play friendly. I love Diablo 3 almost as much as I did Diablo 2 my childhood years.

  11. Hey there again rhyker, I was wondering if there is any way to hunt for specific legendaries? What If you get the boot piece but are trying to get the chest piece ? Is there anyway? What do you do with extra legendaries, anything valuable? Thanks rhyker cheers

  12. Ahh back before t13 …game was much harder to get sets and Legos then… now you can play for a few days and have an entire build

  13. coulds u make another video abouts this subject? i like your way of explaining things about this game and it woulds be helpful to people like me, and beginners of the game 🙂 But for me, as much as i have loved diablo 3 and RoS (i am console person), as much time i haves played this game…..i still cant figure outs why i cant play in the right way (my builds and getting Legendaries to drop)…i watch streamers do it effortless but for me, even when i have magic item find percentage boosts, the damn items just rarely drop for me. and if i try to play on higher torment levels, then i cant survive more than 100 yards lolz. …anyways. if u haves the time for a quick video on best way to farm for legendaries or get them to drop more frequent, Mr. @Rhykker, i woulds be super grateful. thanks for any considerations. 🙂

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