Diablo 3 RoS: The Marauder's Legendary Set (Demon Hunter) - Why It's So Good & How to Get It!

In this Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls video I explain why the Marauder’s Demon Hunter Legendary Set is so good and how you can go about getting one for yourself!

Marauder’s Game Guide Page: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/marauders-visage

Full Set List:
Marauder’s Carapace
Marauder’s Encasement
Marauder’s Gloves
Marauder’s Spines
Marauder’s Treads
Marauder’s Visage

With the Ring of Royal Grandeur you can:
— Drop Carapace in favor of Cindercoat
— Drop Gloves in Favor of Tasker and Theo
— Drop Encasement in favor of Hexxing Pants of Mr Yan

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Diablo III is a loot-based action-RPG from Blizzard Entertainment on the PC, PS3 & Xbox 360. Reaper of Souls is it’s first expansions pack. You can purchase & find more info on the game here: us.battle.net/d3/

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21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 RoS: The Marauder's Legendary Set (Demon Hunter) — Why It's So Good & How to Get It!

  1. Can someone pls add me on psn I don't have friends to play Diablo with me my psn is Blue-Snow501

  2. Is this set available on Xbox 360 please help and is it best to farm rifts on the highest torm you can handle?? Please help

  3. plz sum 1 help!!! I play on ps3 where the f@%$ can I find marauders chest!?!?

  4. plz!!!! I play on ps3 can someone tell me if the marauders chest exists???

  5. I used the 3 Maruda items and this armor that gives +3 to wolves , so I have all companions plus 3 wolves

  6. even though I have the murauder set myself, I still prefer the shadow's mantle better.

  7. I've completed this set plus
    — add power via kanai cube now I have 3 wolves..
    -I have complete krelm set of 2 (bracers and belt only)
    -he'll fire amulet and ring all enchanted with sockets
    -a quiver that gives me 2 additional sentries (total of 4)
    -an ancient bow enchanted with socket
    -all sockets in jewelry and weapon armed with legendary gems..
    — all dead in just 1 shot (malthael dead in 2 min at torment 6)

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