I hope this can help out a new player somewhere

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  1. Hi DJ, that’s awesome great tip, I was struggling with wish weapon to use, because I have nothing so far, I’m only level 47 and I’m still on Nm on act 4 but have a Sorceress level 80 on hell and I did find an ohm rune, but I’m playing with plugy, I’m going to skip ladder this time, I really like plugy, any way great video thank you for posting.

  2. I prefer prebuffing with treachery and use duress, also using sanctuary in sacred targe is really good.

  3. What’s plugy? I started playing d2 again the retail one from the blizzard store lod. Is it a legal mod or something?

  4. are you playing on Bnet or single player? if so how did you do this? every time i try to sign into Bnet it say bnet is not responding pls try again later!

  5. You still playing on SlashDiablo? It’s been a few years since I have played there but I’m definitely feeling like a comeback. Might wait until the next ladder as there’s not much chance to compete in the economy after the first couple of weeks if you can’t play a lot and the numbers tend to drop a bit after a month or so. Checked the reddit and they said it would probably be November before the next ladder. Guess I’ll have to reinstall.

  6. A good budget option for players without a teleporting friend, Try out Naj's Puzzler or the Spellsteel Axe.

  7. i`m a 1.09 player back in the old day i use Lightsabre -30base ias and Atma's Scarab and Herald Of Zakarum Atma's and smite is so bad 🙂

  8. Goblin toe even cheaper boots, i never do it with bo and i have only 1200 life, i do it easy ( and it's not cause of my skill ) i use a 4 perfect diamond shield.

  9. shael'd wizardspike
    the f l c auras in defensive give you upper max resistance as a passive

  10. EDIT: Great Video! Was confused about Call To Arms effect but @djwaters22 clared it. Good job.

  11. Since when did "dirt cheap" became an equivalent of wearing torch + CtA?.. Gosh I'm feeling old. /sarcasm off, I like this video.

  12. Great video. Have mine pretty much built now just to level up.

    What are some upgrades to this? Or maybe another video of a higher tier if wanted

  13. love the vid, i just made a smiter and gonna try ubers for the first time ever later today. Thanks man!

  14. I remember reading in arreat summit. It said that if a paladin has conviction and enemy also has conviction, the auras do not affect paladin or the boss but only the party and the minions. The reason is that the player already has an aura animation under him and enemy's negative aura can not overwrite it. Same goes for the enemy boss. Can this be used to negate meph's conviction?

  15. It's simply amazing tutorial! I just wanna add that since my first time I watched it I manage to grind out even better gear. It takes a couple of months steady playing of the game and the general satisfaction of grinding the items is way better then buying it. But, hey, that's just my opinion. Great stuff, DJ!

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