ENDLESS PRIMES!! Reliquary Deathrattle Priest May Be Our Only Hope! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

I’ve always considered Resurrect Priests to be the primary evil in Hearthstone, but now that Demon Hunter has arrived, this Reliquary Prime Deathrattle Priest may be our only hope to stop the onslaught of vengeance!!

Decklist: https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks/14534-prime-deathrattle-priest

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | ENDLESS PRIMES!! Reliquary Deathrattle Priest May Be Our Only Hope!


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36 thoughts on “ENDLESS PRIMES!! Reliquary Deathrattle Priest May Be Our Only Hope! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. This deck looks nice, but how about an evolve shaman deck… Cmon bro they were your revealed cards

  2. Regis was holding on by his teeth for the entirety of that rogue game. Priest is the king of asspulls lol

  3. Secret rogue plays the secret legendary
    Regis: "This is 100% my list!"

  4. I really wanted a Vargoth but I didn't log in when it was being given for free, came back short after that ever since I quit when those Inspire cards came out. I had this very same idea with Psyche Split but I don't want to commit my 2.7k dust into anything at the moment :/
    Considering Buff Beast Hunter, Quest Secret Rogue (I had a Quest Tess deck and a Cheap Quest Mage deck, so I'll only have to craft Shadowjeweller and 2x Bamboozles to make it work), No Minions Mage and Embiggen Druid (got the prime legendary for Druid), but I'm not sure, I can't decide, haha.

  5. Been playing this resurrection priest…. I must say, great win rate, but I feel so dirty doing this

  6. This deck is NUTS against demon hunter, I added quest instead of galakrond, and found the 2/2 to be dead in hand more often than not

  7. I used to love release days. I remember taking a day off from work back in 2016 for the Old Gods day 1 and that was the BEST.

    As it stands I might just give the game a break for a week or so. OP or not, Demon Hunter is a pain in the behind to play against and I'm sick of it.

  8. I played this list with the quest package and had a lot of success! However, it was mainly due to the fact that most games I just created endless copies of convincing infiltrator.. I am ashamed..

  9. he played it bad, he could shuffle the faceless corruptor or wait on the prime or even the khartut, his pool was mostly lackeys and priest can remove the catrina better. he also had better draw and the weapon dealing more damage than the heal.

  10. anyone have suggestions for epic replacements? i have vargoth and can afford the legendaries but i won't afford the epics after that.

  11. Priest is so fucking cancer I can't stand playing against it. I almost just instant concede to spare myself the agony of playing against this bullshit lol

  12. Rogue is really fucked in this expansion. Their only option is to play very aggressive decks against other classes that can either heal more than the damage they do or get boards too big to deal with or outsmorc them.

  13. So it took one day for Bliz to start nerfing Demon Hunter, did they even play test it?

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