Finishing a Game at Level 2 for the Pogos | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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29 thoughts on “Finishing a Game at Level 2 for the Pogos | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Dude to support you, I watched a two and a half minute long video on how to set and use concrete. Honestly really educational! Keep doing whatever you like dog! You are super entertaining and smart!

  2. well, 134/134 is the biggest minion I've ever seen. So there is that

  3. If pyramad sold all but one divine shield poison murloc and you put smallest one first the game was 50/50

  4. This pogo strategy are always doomed to fail against good players right ?? If i see 1 player going for pogos i just buy 2 pogos when i see them and that player can't get any more of them…

  5. You just got lucky. Stats don’t mean nothing when ur opponent has a full board of poisonous murlocs

  6. Dog rolled 103 times at level 2 (inc. free turn rolls) — he got 17 overseers and 10 pogos. QUITE unlucky.

  7. I wonder if youthful brewmaster would be a good addition to BG. It could be used to shadowstep Buffers back to hand or even better if you put back pogos and play them again for more buffs

  8. Can anyone explain me why he is not leveling ? He gets more choice + more damage…

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