Fitz and the Tantrums - HandClap [Official Video]

Fitz and the Tantrums self-titled album available now:

Stream on Spotify:

Director: Marc Klasfeld
Producer: Nicole Acacio
DP: Martin Coppen
Art: Donald Cawley
Editor: Richard Alarcon
Choreographer: Oth’than Burnside

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29 thoughts on “Fitz and the Tantrums — HandClap [Official Video]

  1. I come from the "Winds of Change", "Don't Gotta Work It Out", & "Moneygrabber" realm. xD

  2. Idk why I see so much comments about who came from tiktok when I came from my pe teacher workout video

  3. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    They are protected
    I hope you are too <3

  4. Anyone else remember that tiktok ad with animated gray cat at the right side, striking some poses and people on left were copying his moves?

  5. On the school all people start clapping and then I start singing I can make your hands clap and all my classroom whatching me so weird lol

  6. Hi, good evening.
    My name is Cherokee and I am from Taiwan. =)
    I am really sorry to comment here straightly to ask for a authorize of using your great music "HandClap" as I couldn't find other place to send an e-mail in private.
    Me and the company I work at are about to film a short video to do a Public enlightenment about Environmental protection. And we would like to do a short dancing based on this music.
    We would like to ask for the permission that if it is possible for us to just cut up and use just a short part of the music "HandClap".
    There will be no business use and commercial activity.
    If you would need any provement of any information of the company I work at or any detail of what and where we are going to put the video, it is very welcome to contact me through my Facebook or email (
    Or I can send our proposal to you if you need.
    I apologize again if I have done anything rude.
    Hope to hear from you soon and thank you very much of reading this message.
    Sincerely grace.

  7. I listen to this from Hwasa then I was going to practice dance with band music and I decided to put this one but instrumental then I was like aye this sound familiar then I clicked on this video 😂

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