Forcing the Opponent to go FULL Northshire! Lorewalker Cho OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Mill Priest OTK combo deck is to use Northshire Cleric combined with Potion of Madness and Circle of Healing! We do this by playing Cleric, Lorewalker Cho, Wild Pyromancer, Marsh Drake, Potion of Madness, Kooky Chemist, Unseen Saboteur, and double Circle of Healing! Extremely challenging, but fun meme deck! Good luck!

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44 thoughts on “Forcing the Opponent to go FULL Northshire! Lorewalker Cho OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. Mark, awesome combo as always! You are great! But why not the 2 mana 2/2 classic ro flip the Cho over the 4 mana 4/4?

    EDIT: Oh wait. I get it. I am just stupid and forgot the pot of madness. But I will.leave this here so people can laugh.

  2. Dear,


    I enjoy you videos a lot. Could you please for the love of god start uploading in 1080p.

    All the best.

  3. Mark: "I am the most unlucky HS player ever"
    Also Mark: "This is 9 card 19 mana combo that needs 95 tries to pull off"
    Mark please stop saying you are not lucky, you are just always playing with a deficits 🙂
    Nice videos, love the addition of the deck intro.
    Keep it up 🙂

  4. The new DH card that shuffles your opponents hand into their deck is going to ruin your combos lol

  5. And this time, we're teaching 1200 cats to dance the Macarena while doing Nicki Minaj impressions

  6. I think that rogue read your name and wanted to see your combo. No one trades with a giant C'thun like that.

  7. Nice! Glad you finally got this one off Mark. Was painful but funny to watch on stream, but it's finally over!

  8. Wouldn't crazed alchemist work better since it's cheaper or do you need the extra health?

  9. Finally someone who knows how to properly react when facing a meme lord: let the damn combo happen. It's one interesting game in a sea of the same three decks over and over.

  10. Instead of Kooky Chemist couldn't you use Youthful Brewmaster? 2 Mana 3/2 that returns a minion to your hand. It either saves you two mana or allows you to play Cho back on the field (After potion of madness) if you need a couple extra ticks.

  11. 9 cards 19 mana combo. when I heard that I was like Who is this guy? Apparently the guy to end our misery. The true entertainer.

  12. 95 tries?? That's a hyperbole, right? If not… that's the most dedication anyone ever put in a combo.

  13. I'm sure that blizzard is releasing Glide to stop Mark in his quest to do the most RNG dependant combos. F in the chat boys

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