FUN DECK ALERT - Trash Dragon Warlock | Firebat Hearthstone

IThis is a surprisingly fun deck with giants and dragons. Enjoy!

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Outro Song: Biggie by Albis


40 thoughts on “FUN DECK ALERT — Trash Dragon Warlock | Firebat Hearthstone

  1. I’ve literally never seen a Druid finish the quest that late. They either finish on turn 5 or they’re dead before 7.

  2. This is reminding me of the Burn Priest Zetalot made before the HoFing of Mind Blast. Was a pretty neat deck. Lots and lots of facccce.

  3. Decklist so that firebat or his editor can put into the description


  4. I've been running a handlock deck with moderate success 14-4 so not insane but my builds way more hard control and hand focused that new 6 drop is actually insane against some match ups when are you getting a min 8-8 taunt

  5. 4:42 not sure why he didn't use the plague of flames there. Is it meant for some other more specialized purpose in this deck or something?

  6. Meanwhile, I can't even make it to Rank 15 because every time I am one win from breaching the threshold so I can't drop, I lose 4 in a row to Face Hunter or the SUPER aggro version of Galakrond Warrior. I've been beaten down 7 times tonight and I've been playing for 5 hours. God, just kill me now.

  7. I love this deck so much and somehow haven't lost a single game with it yet (ranks 5-3, small sample size)

  8. Burn Warlock is something I always felt should be one of the class themes, warlocks in WoW have DPS builds.

  9. This is the only Warlock deck that can beat my Dragon Galakrond Warrior. Whenever I see Warlock, I always hope it's regular Zoolock. 😀

  10. It’s like face hunter and handlock of old had a child
    It’s the stuff of nightmares

  11. YES I crafted this deck and it is fun. I saw this deck on Chump's channel and Thijs's channel aswell

  12. Actually lost to this deck the other day before knowing it was even a thing, and I was so fucking salty that I got Leeroy'd by a handlock. I was sitting there shocked like…. what kind of fucking asshole runs Leeroy in his handlock deck. Apparently quite a few assholes now.

  13. i swear man soul fire has a hidden text: if you have another copy of soul fire in hand, discard it.

  14. it helps me to rank this deck realy works against all except ressurect priest never lethal no matter what

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