GET RAZORGORE = COMMIT DRAGONS?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Turns out Razorgore is the key turning point in running late game dragons!
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42 thoughts on “GET RAZORGORE = COMMIT DRAGONS?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Am I the only one that does not play BG, or HS as a whole, but really enjoys watching BG videos?

  2. 9:08 I don’t think it’s greedy. Why not instead of selling a dragon to buy razorgore sell the murloc. U miss out on +2/+2 and guaranteed future buffs

  3. dude i watched your dragonbuilding 101 and i won #1 in like a week of only a few 2-4 wins… and yes, i was carried by razorgore (a triple razorgore to be completely fair) and turned out i didnt even kalecgos even though i got 3 triples on tier 5 and rng could have given me at least one — but it gave me 2 nadinas tho lmao…

  4. I predicted in my head that the last guy would have died to the gjost it happens so many time with kripp its just a normal thing now haha

  5. Screw that card.Players complain about giant ass murlocs and giant ass demons but that card and Kalecgos enables giant ass dragons .At 6 get Nadina then only thing rival that is poisonous divine shield murlocs or some insane triple baron deathrattle bullshit luck to win.what does this game have left for fun ?

  6. Me: Gets early Razorgore, no dragons.
    Me: Gets early Kalegos, no battlecries

    Kripp: "Let me just get both."

  7. Just asking, anyone getting constant crashes on HS? Can't even get into the damn app.

  8. I don’t understand the rating system. Why do I loose points getting 4th place. I mean do you jut get points if you win ?

  9. HS is full of cheater bots. IDK if those are players or ppl from Blizzard that just can summon every card in their hand. My latest encounter is where the opposite player played Alexstrasza — played his 2 free dragons. One of them was the Malygos aspect of magic. Later he summoned again Malygos aspect of magic and the game told me that it was created by Alexstrasza again — just amazing. Not to mention how in the same game he killed one of my creatures with a spell for 2 damage where the minion had 7 health — this game is just incredible — it is pay to win, where I am pretty sure ppl that are streaming are favored by blizzard and receive some special hack programs — it is just fucking annoying. I have not spend 1 dime on this fucking game and I will not spend any money on this bullshit. Also the guy was priest, but as soon as he was on 7 cards left in his deck he played Galakrond — his deck had no cards to invoke Galakrond until this moment — why the Fuck would you have Galakrond without cards to invoke him  -the game was just amazing and obvious cheat — my suspicion is that those are guys from Blizzard playing and they can just write any card into their deck — cuz the decks make no sense at all. Not to mention that Alexstrasza  activated even though  the guy had 2 copies of cards — seriously — fuck this game. Sometime I will record this — but actually what will the point be — I will probably just receive a sorry ass excuse from Blizzard as that is the only thing they are good for nowadays

  10. Wait Kripp has been playing Art of Conquest for more than 3 years? I was once a member of the developing team but I don’t like it at all LOL

  11. I rushed to tavern 6 with Yserea with 32 health. I rolled 3 turns in a row at 6 and didnt give me Kalecgos . Fuck this game. This is doing on purpose and I finished 5th.

  12. "Darryl usually gives us trash"

    "Yeah, the main turning point was actually stealing Nadina off of Darryl"

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