Getting 140 FREE Descent of Dragons Packs Without SPENDING MONEY! Hearthstone Resource Report.

馃馃挰 Today we will announce the amount of resources that we have received in the time between the release of Saviors of Uldum and the announcement of Descent of Dragons. We carefully took notes of each quest, award and gift. This allowed us to determine the minimum award that each player could receive without much effort.

馃馃挰 Join the discussion on the emergence of a co-op Hearthstone mode.


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馃馃 鈥婼pecial thanks to Chris for text editing.


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40 thoughts on “Getting 140 FREE Descent of Dragons Packs Without SPENDING MONEY! Hearthstone Resource Report.

  1. I only play wild and sometimes arena and very rarely battlegrounds. I like wild because it is very user friendly for me as a veteran playing since open beta, as the power level of cards do not increase so much that I can not keep up with the game while studying/playing other games.

  2. Welllllllll they're not really a small indie company lol they have lots of games they release and are owned by activison as well. Don't forget that haha. I jus think about the predetermined chances that make certain decks good and shutter lol. The problem with fighting bosses vs people in real life it's a different kind of shuffle lol still a very good game though!

  3. If you get an 11 win ticket then wait for the new expansion to come out you get those rewards and the ticket back

  4. 7:07 you should see…
    and its sometimes even positive to see some mistakes like that, because you know that everyone makes mistakes and it gives a nice feeling 馃檪

  5. Tbh i dont think ill ever play the usual game anymore, getting the cards/collecting resources can be a very mixed experience of fun and frustration. Battlegrounds mode is honestly the most consistent fun ive had with the game in over a year, and you don't even need to get first place for it to be a win!

  6. I'm lazy and support new hearthstone content so I always buy the low teir preorder bundle. I know people hate it but that's what you get when it's a f2p game that has new content every 4 months and battlegrounds.

  7. Well, but you miss all the packs from the current set, and somehow still manage to reach rank 10? Plus since the current set is still in standart after Dragons released your advantage is not that high right?

  8. How should I spend resources after the first day of the expansion? (I mean dust for crafting legendaries) should I wait 1 month to craft what I want after nerfs?

  9. I just got 50 free pack just for signing up to Shadowverse 馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔 & earned 6 packs worth of gold for finishing act 1 with one hero.

  10. Great video!
    Do you guys know what is better between spending 150g (arena ticket) and getting 0 wins reward or saving the 150g?

  11. in the last 5 packs i received 4 legendaries! Whatever Blizzard is doing,its doing great 馃槏馃挄

  12. 1 pack equals 100 dust? Very interesting calculation. My last 30 packs have been one rare, two at max which is 40 or 55 dust. 100 Dust would equal an average of 5 rares which is obnoxious!

  13. Also 5 Legendaries out of 90 packs, gotta be lucky for that boys, I opened 160 packs Saviors of Uldum just at the release. What did I get? Right 5 Legendaries 馃榾

  14. strongly disagree, I don't feel like dealing with shit RNG for 2-3 hours straight up for 10 gold every day.
    twitch drops a lie.. unless you get a 100% pack which they gave us it was 6 packs overrall the drops are just a bait for views.
    I'm nowhere near close that obscene 140 free packs at best I might open 60-65.. this is the first time I will open so many packs as true f2p.

  15. Just wait 2020 for riot games to rise, they are doing everything the way blizzard should have, what remains of blizzard

  16. The reward system it's just cheap and bad, open 100+ new expansion pack…….. After 4 month of grinding, bad af

  17. I feel like 140 packs seems more than it actually is. If you actually get about 5 legendarys in these packs and dust unnecessary cards, you can most likely play 2 or 3 fun competitive decks. The problem is that legendarys are becoming much more important in decks (Epics even more). I remember being able to have fun with 2 legendarys in my collection. Today this is kind of impossible because the power of your deck becomes too low.

  18. 2:21 — quest rewards is bs.. Still 50ies there and if u reroll a 60 u can also get a 50. I hate spreading bs btw , but apart frm tht — u r the best resource on YouTube for HS economy

  19. I'm the average free to play player. Logging in each day to complete the daily quests. I strictly only play standard mode and weekly travern brawls. At this point, I'm buying packs with every 100 gold I save up every 2 days. I never save more than 6k gold before the next expansion. With the new adventures coming up forcing us to pay 2100 gold, I'll have even less for the next xpac. Hopefully we can craft these adventure cards?

  20. This looks insignificant right now, but in the next expansion it will allow me to get the whole set, because i'm a hearthstone whore and i buy both pre orders every expansion :L

    So about 140 packs plus the 90 + packs with the new no duplicate in packs change, i will have the entire set and get to destoy poor people!

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